Oysters & Champagne for Breakfast

Christmas eleventh's

Christmas eleventh's

I went home to Niagara for Christmas. It was a quiet, pleasant stay where the funniest details made the stay special.

Perhaps the most amusing occurance was that each time Mum looked out the kitchen window, she would sigh and make a remark about the lack of birds at her birdfeeder. Her birdfeeder had been the hot spot for all the birds in the neighbourhood for quite some time, and now someone else was getting all the sparrows and cardinals. So, on Christmas Day she put out suet for the birds, saying “We’ll soon see what kind of attention that gets!” . It was like keeping up with the Jones’… birdfeeder!

On Christmas Day, we started the day off with cafe au lait and chocolate croissants (see above), followed by our rather luxurious tradition of having fresh oysters and  champagne for brunch. This year Mum had bought Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin brut, which I recognized from a Cool Hunting podcast. The bubbles were quite fantastic, creating a reverse cyclone effect in my glass!

When opening gifts later that day, I discovered that Nana had slipped in some poetry in my bag. Apparently it had been found among my grandfather’s belongings after he’d died. It was poetry which I had written as a child and it made a rather amusing read. I thought I’d share a quick excerpt with you:

I sit.

I see trees blowing in the wind.

I hear rain hitting the trees.

Tiger Lilly is purring.

She licks my foot.

A crow calls out.

It did it again.

A tree blows outside my window…

Its rather funny isn’t it? Especaily when you consider I wrote this in serious tone as a child, documenting the sensual beauty of autumn at home.

I stayed at my Dad’s house the night of Christmas Day where I spent 99% of my time there in front of the warm fireplace which heats the house. In the morning, I had a warm bubble bath with water from the well. The water was brown when I used to live there, but now its black! It was quite striking to see the contrast of the white foam of the bubble bath against the black well water in the white old-fashioned bath tub. My Dad tells me well water is good for the skin, “Full of minerals!” he says, but I don’t know if its true or not…

Now I sit sipping a cup of ginger tea and listening to Loreena McKennitt’s early Christmas album (we played the same King’s College Choir cassette five times this morning). Mum is in the kitchen making homemade custard for dinner. It’s the time for feasting!


One response to “Oysters & Champagne for Breakfast

  1. You spent Chrismas Day evening at your dad’s, not Christmas Eve. The water sounds rather alarming! And the birds are back! Berenicci visited and to my great delight got to see two male cardinals AND a rosy housefinch.

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