Food Heaven

Detail of graffetti on a boarded-up building near my apartment

Dunter and I went to Juliette & Chocolat yesterday. It is arguably ‘the’ place to go for chocolate in Montreal. We each ordered a chia latte and then fondue to share. The fondue consisted of delicious, pure melted chocolate, with exotic chopped fruits on the side that were elegantly presented on the plate. The service was poor, but the waitresses all wore red berets and cravats which made up for it. I thought it be a great place to work, as I already dress that way!

We were still hungry after we finished off the fondue and lattes, so decided to walk up the street and see what we could find. I had fun looking in the windows of all the designer shops and babbled on to Dunter about fashion and home decor. When we started getting really hungry, we randomly picked a restaurant called Restaurant Jano which turned out to be a popular Portuguese grill! It looked empty from outside as no one was sitting at the window, but the back of the restaurant was packed with families and people out with their friends.

The food was amazing! It reminded me of my Dad’s summer cooking. We each ordered the special, which consisted of a green salad, grilled chicken, lamb chops, red peppers, and fries! It was so yummy! I was in food heaven….

After we had eaten to our hearts content, we went to a video store. Dunter is addicted to buying movies and he bought 3 DVDs. I amused myself looking through the UK section of the store. I checked out their rental section and found an array of British mysteries… in French! I had no idea that British murder mysteries were popular in France or Quebec, but apparently they are! Maybe I should watch Poirot in French one day.

I spent Monday working on my resume and internship-request cover letters before going to work that evening. I applied to some places online, then printed others to deliver in person on Tuesday. I went to work feeling upbeat and confident in myself, but my confidence didn’t shine through my calls as I didn’t make one sale despite my best efforts. One day down, two to go to make those 2 sales in order not to loose my job. The pressure is on!

Now I sit at home in my quiet apartment where the only sounds are the refrigerator humming and the muffled ‘clomp’ of the people walking around upstairs. It’s such a relief to come home to my quiet apartment after a busy shift at a noisy call centre!

White Table Cloth

So rustic! I love it.

My week started off well. Monday was Family Day in Ontario and Alberta, so we had the day off that week at the telemarketing agency I work at. I met my friend Bharti that afternoon, a dear friend whom I’d met through work. She’s one the most inspirational people I’ve met in my life; a strong, positive thinker, with a double Masters in micro-biology. She moves back to India next week and is getting married. So, I took her lingerie shopping to La Senza and the La Vie En Rose outlet downtown.

I helped her pick out many different outfits, but I ended up buying more than her. I found a sophisticated long grey cotton robe for $20 and 10 for $5 underwear, so I was very happy with my necessity purchases! Bharti ended up with a deep purple lace nightgown which looks very elegant on her. We ended up stopping for coffee at a fancy café too, called MBCo, where everything was beautifully presented and the baristas were extremely attentive. It was fantastic! It was a great afternoon!

I had Nicole and Aria over for dinner that night. I laid the table with my white table cloth, scallop-edge cloth napkins, with white square plates and candles. It looked very fine indeed!

I made linguine with pesto, topped with cherry tomatoes, chopped portobello mushrooms, and a spinach leaf. Aria brought potato salad, and Nicole brought brownies, so we had a feast! We watched music videos on YouTube and shared Valentines stories. None of our Valentines went as planned, so it was all very comical.

The work day on Tuesday went by quickly and afterwards I went met up with Tristan and his friend Astrid, both affiliated with the student co-op I used to live in while in Toronto. I took them to a student jazz café where we drank coffee and ate sweet-potato fries and fried zucchini. There was a live jazz playing and in between songs we would look at typography-related material on Astrid’s laptop computer. It was very pleasant.

Now I sit at home on my computer. Its not even the middle of the week yet and so much has happened. Its been a lovely last 3 days!