Shrubbery, Lambs, & Hawks

Unusal plantlife behind the snack shop.

Unusal plantlife behind the snack shop.

I went home for Easter, spending most of my weekend on the Greyhound bus. We made a stop along the way at a small snack shop in the middle of nowhere. The bus often stops there, giving passengers a chance to stretch their legs and grab some nourishment. This time however, it was extra-special.

When I had got on the bus earlier that day, the weather had been normal, yet when I stepped off the bus I found myself in awe at how warm it was. It was like a summer day!  It was most splendid.

Behind the snack shop lies a lagoon which I always admired from afar but never gone down to in fears of trespassing. However, so many people from the bus were sauntering on down that I took it as an opportunity and followed suit. It was a real treat! The bull rushes around the water’s edge shone gold in the sunlight, and the water of the lagoon was black and placid except for the occasional ripple that distorted the reflection of the budding trees above.

There was a rustic wooden bench by the water which I sat on for awhile. I soaked in the warm sun rays as I looked out on the water and down at the wilted plant-life around me. It really did feel like summer. I felt reminded of days spent camping or playing in the woods as a child which are such pleasant memories.

Once back on the bus, I decided to watch the film Beautiful People on my iPhone. It had been on specail for .99 cents on iTunes  as a movie rental, so I decided to give it a try although I knew nothing of the film. It turned out to be amazing! It depicted the unhappy lives of various well-to-do families in London, England, and the positive effects that their interaction with Bosnian refugees had on their lives and conservative values. It had both very sad and very funny parts with interesting characters. I enjoyed the film immensely.

My visit home was short and simple. The highlight of the trip was perhaps a spontaneous drive into the countryside with my Mum and aunt.  We had originally planned to go for a short walk in the woods, but as we were driving to the nearest conservation area, lambs got brought-up in conversation, so we decided to go in search of some, which brought us to Featherstone Winery.

Featherstone is a local Niagara winery which use lambs to trim the grape vines and falcons to scare off little birds trying to eat the grapes. Unfortunately there were no lambs out, but to our delight there was a red-tail hawk on show with its trainer. It was lovely to see such a big bird up close, and Mum likes hawks.

On my way back to Montreal, the bus didn’t stop at the country snack shop as usual. Instead, it stopped at your typical roadside stop, consisting of a mere KFC, Tim Hortons, and gas station. The line-up for coffee was astronomically long, so I wandered around the perimeter of the parking lot for entertainment.

The parking lot wasn’t very exciting. Beyond the cracked concrete lay a damp wasteland of yellow grass, bare trees, and stubbly shrubbery, all of which were dressed up like Christmas trees with the discarded garbage of careless travelers. However, above all this came the song of frogs croaking like an orchestra of stringed instruments. It was a sweet sound. The sound of summer.

So that was my trip! And now I sit at home drinking the tea Judy gave me for Easter. I love tea.


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