Wood, Marble, & Slate

Coffee by the window

Enjoying coffee by the window at Tournesol.

Friday was a rainy day. Everything was grey and wet, which was rather discouraging when one is trying to get out of bed early in the morning. Eventually, I managed to pull on my Wellington boots and scurry out the door to my internship.

I had a productive day at Modasuite. In the morning, I edited the copy I’d written for the Designer Comments, then began inputting it into the website. In the afternoon, I worked on e-flyers for Modasuite’s big sale next weekend, and did translation of some French copy into English.

I basically sat the computer from 9:15 to 6:30pm, hardly noticing the time go by. Its funny how at telemarketing I can’t get enough breaks, but at my internship I don’t  feel the need. However, once my stomach started grumbling, I figured it was time to take a break.

As yesterday had been pay-day at work, I decided to treat myself to lunch that day. I went to Tournesol, a café/spa I’d discovered on Wednesday. They are much cheaper than the café in the office building, and have a far greater environment.

The owner puts so much detail into everything, from serving you coffee to interior decorating. The café is a tasteful combination of recycled light and dark wood, marble, and slate. The wood is covered with abstract chiselings, which I asked if he’d done. Apparently, it scraps from Bombardier that would used as cutting guides for metal mechanic pieces. I thought that was very interesting.

I had a mini-feast of a chicken/pesto/mozzarella sandwich, chocolate croissant, and coffee before to returning to work. At 7pm, I met Dunter for dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Chez Ennio. The place was full of people, but there was only one chef and one waitress on duty which made things very slow. It was a bit overpriced too, but we enjoyed each other’s company, talking, and studying all the little knickknacks around the room.

I was too tired to go out that night, so went home to change into my pajamas and curl up in front of the computer with a hot cup of tea. I had meant to work on the Toronto promotions for Modasuite, but was too tired to use my brain, so just looked at laptop cases on the Internet until 11pm and fantasized about the laptop I would put in them.


2 responses to “Wood, Marble, & Slate

  1. Wonderful photograph.

  2. Thanks Tristan!

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