Wandering the Halls

Wandering the halls of an old building on Ste-Catherine at Bleury.

Today was filled with culture. During my lunch break, I went to take pictures of an old building where Dunter and I went to coffee the day before. While wandering the halls, I discovered that this building was rich with dance studios and art galleries!

I went into two galleries, and was captivated by Isabelle Hayeur’s exhibit at the Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain. It consisted of a series of large-scale photographs of  old ruins in Quebec that were situated in a modern landscape, which I greatly enjoyed, and a film. I usually overlook video-art, but I actually sat down and watched it for a long time.

The video started with a beautiful view of birch trees, leaves rustling in the breeze. The camera zoomed out and you found it was the view from the window of a collapsed stone house. The camera then spanned the ruin, stopping at a subdivision in the distance, which it zoomed into a partially built  ‘monster house’. The house was wrapped in white plastic blowing in the wind, which I grew to find great beauty in. The image of the house was then overlapped with that of the view of the subdivision from a road, like a huge ghost above new homes. It was incredible!

After work, I went to the Papeterie Nota Bene to buy a pen. Its my new favourite store. It has all sorts of fancy pens, notebooks, and envelopes- all very chic. It also has a gallery on the second floor, which I went up to. The current show was a rather dull series of humour paintings of oddly related or unrelated items side by side such as nuns and a pack of condoms.

I then cycled to the Grand Bibliothèque where I borrowed the newest book by Susan Carrol, and checked out their DVD selection. To my surprise, they had an amazing selection of British mysteries! I got a Poirot, Old Dogs New Tricks, and a Foyle’s War, and put my name down for Midsommer Murders (my fav!) and A Touch of Frost. Its funny how Montreal had a better selection of British dramas than Toronto!

I was suppose to go to a art opening with Eve & Giro tonight, but I am too exhausted after all my cycling around. So, I’ve settled down in front of the computer to write this post about my wonderful day. Now I think I’ll go start reading my new book! Yay!


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