A Ripple of Colour

Working on the webpage header for Modasuite where I intern at.

This week lacked variation in routine. I spent my mornings searching, following-up, and applying for work, my days telemarketing to rude American Express Costco cardholders, and my evenings looking for work again. I’m feeling rather  hopeless, for of the 63 resumes and coverletters I sent out, everyone replies back “We have no job openings at the moment.” Perhaps I lucky even to have a job in telemarketing!

Things started to get interesting on Thursday. Modasuite had some graphic design assignments for me to do for them, so I got up early to do some web-design work and create a promotional pamphlet for their launch in Ottawa. It was a good thing I was home, because the postman came by with two packages for me from the UK! There was the Wallpaper tourism guide to Chicago which  I’d ordered (I’m going to Chicago next week for the first time) and Hancock’s Half Hour, a CD I’d bought Dad for his birthday next week of a radio show from his childhood.

I wrapped up my Dad birthday gift and popped into the post office on my way to pick up my new Canadian passport. During my walk, I attempted to make an appointment on my cell phone in French for a hair cut at a cheap salon-school, but neither the receptionist or I had any idea what each other were saying. However, I felt good that I tried.

After work that day, Dunter picked me up and drove down to Old Montreal. We ordered a frappichino at Starbucks to share and strolled around the lamp-lit cobble-streets. We went down to the canal and sat by the water, admiring the ripple of colour on the water from the lights above. It was a quiet, pleasant evening.

Now I sit at home on a Friday morning, enjoying a cup of coffee with a spoonful of the ginger sugar I bought last week at the Jean Talon Market. Its a sunny day and I can hear a bird chirping cheerfully outside my window. Its another beautiful day in belle Montreal.


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