Quiet Reflections

Photo I took while at La Chute Montmorency on Friday.

Photo I took while at La Chute Montmorency on Friday.

I returned from Chicago this week. It was an enjoyable trip. My fondest memory was our first trip into the city. The city was so different from any I’d seen before! The amount of skyscrapers was overwhelming, particularly ones from the early 1900’s, which were all magnificent and well-restored. It was like you were walking back in forth in time, as the streets were such a mix of iconic architecture from various design-eras, past and present. It was so exciting!

I went to Quebec City three days after returning from Chicago. Nicole and I both had the day off work, and her friends from Austria were down, so we decided to rent a car and drive down. We went to La Chute Montmorency, which was just outside of Quebec City and stopped in a quaint little village along the way for lunch. We bought a fresh baguette and local smoked cheese from the town’s épicerie before settling down in the shade to merrily munch away. It was a very special moment.

I had a funny bicycle moment on Saturday, the day after my trip to Quebec City. As you know, my bike is a bit of a disaster, and the current problem is that it has been stuck in third gear for the past three days. This makes it rather a challenge to ride, and also makes me look rather silly when bicycling on flat ground. The only way to change gears is to go over a big bump, but none of the usual potholes have been working as of late.

Once at a stoplight, I got off my bike and lifted it up and slammed it down on its wheels a few times. An attractive cyclist on a beautiful bike stopped by and asked me if I something was wrong with my bike. I smiled and said “Oh, I’m just trying to change gears.” The cyclist had the most funny expression on his face and quickly rode off. It was then I realized how stupid I must have sounded- and looked!

Now I sit at home on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Its been raining all day, and the pigeons outside my window look very grumpy with all their feathers wet. So far today, I have prepared 39 resumes/coverletters to send out on Monday morning. Its always so exciting sending out a bulk of resumes! There’s such a feeling of hope that maybe one of these will lead to success… Cross your fingers for me!


4 responses to “Quiet Reflections

  1. I guess that handsome young man who came to your aid thought you were giving him the gears.

    Where on earth did you find a street without a pothole? Does the mayor know about it?

    Regarding a million and one CVs and cover letters. I worked in advertising the 1980s and decided at one point to go out on my own. I recall sending out 80 CVs one Monday morning (printouts, not email). Of course, the return is very small, but I wanted to mention one thing that I’m sure help. In each cover letter I said I would be telephoning the the person at the end of the week in case they had any questions, and to set up an appointment to discuss the company’s needs. I would then, when confronted by an unwilling secretary later in the week, be able to say he/she is expecting my call.

    Good luck.

    PS: you have to go to VFD next Friday. It’s my birthday.

  2. Haha- great comments Wayne! As for VFD, I am already booked to be at FS that evening, but perhaps I can squeeze in a little visit. We shall see! I wouldn’t want to miss your birthday!

  3. That is an extrordinary photograph of the falls. Your mother would like it.

    • Then daughter will send a copy to you. Do you want a printed copy or digital file via email? There’s more on my Facebook if you want to see!

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