Cranberry Torsade

Summer flowers in Montreal.

I had a lovely time after work on Saturday. Dunter picked me up after work and went to the Atwater Market. Unfortunately it was closed, but I had fun walking among all the flowers and taking pictures before getting back on his bike and driving down to Verdun for dinner.

We randomly chose a Peruvian restaurant on a quiet street and sat on the patio. The staff were friendly and the tables were covered with indigo blue textiles covered in brightly coloured geometric designs. We sat mostly in silence, enjoying the food, and watching the people pass by on the sidewalk. It was very pleasant.

After dinner, we drove down to the boardwalk in Verdun. There was a big dancefloor in the park there, where people of all ages were dancing together. There were little children, adults dancing solo, and passionate seniors all having fun. Dunter wanted to go do the tango with me, but I was much happier watching than dancing myself!

We continued our walk by the river. There were lots of red-wing black birds, who’s call brought back pleasant memories of the countryside and youth. We saw a heron too, standing stoic-ly in the water, framed by the leafy green trees that shaded the riverbank. We sat on a bench for awhile, admiring the dogs being walked by and watching the setting sun.

We decided to go in search of ice cream, as we hadn’t had dessert. Ice cream parlours appeared to sparse in the area, so we switched our focus to lattes- and you’ll never guess where Dunter parked his motorcycle, but in front of Dunkin’ Donuts!

I was rather surprised at this. I imagined Dunkin’ Donuts to have a similar reputation to Coffee Time in Toronto. The clientelle looked a little less harmless though, although not part of the coffee culture I associate with. However, I was about to be pleasantly surprised!

They had the most unusual array of donoughts. There were chocolate-lemon donoughts, banana, and apple filled donoughts, and honey glazed chocolate donoughts even!  I had a hard time deciding, but in the end got a cranberry torsade. They didn’t have chia lattes (Dunter’s favourite) but they had regular lattes that were just as good as Starbucks and competitively priced. I was one happy coffee drinker! It ended our night well.

Now I sit at home on a Sunday evening listening to Loreena McKennit. I spent my day preparing coverletters, and follow-ups to last week’s batch, doing some stuff for Modasuite, and now getting ready for bed. Tomorrow I will send out another ‘little batch of hope’…


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