Bursting Atoms & Alliums

Emily's birthday bicycle sitting pretty on the balcony.

I had my internship on Friday. I spent the day answering customer service emails, measuring shirts and steaming suits. After work, I took time photographing elements of Centre St. during my walk to Charlevoix metro. I really enjoy that part of the city. It has it trendy cafes and posh business buildings, as well as its turn-of-the-century houses, mammoth churches, and small storefronts that look like they haven’t changed since they first opened 30 years ago. Its a wonderful mix of things!

I didn’t make a sale at telemarketing on Saturday (this makes 4 days in a row!), so went for comfort food with Ana once our shift ended to eat away our potential-job-loss gloom. We sat on the patio at Frits Alors on St. Laurent and watched the people go by, commenting on the clothes people wore as we ate our poutine and strawberry cheesecake. When I got home, I stared at my wardrobe which felt incredibly outdated after all that people-watching. I had great difficulty figuring what to wear that night, as all the cute outfits I owned looked so-two-years-ago.

I was rather glum when I met up with Dunter later that evening as I was unsatisfied with my outfit. Dunter proposed that we went down to Old Port to see the fireworks at the L’International des Feux. It was a nice idea. That day of the festival was Taiwan’s display and the fireworks were unlike any I’d seen before. There were 3-dimensional fireworks in the shape of bursting atoms, alliums, blossoming hearts, smiley faces, and sparkling cascades of light showering down the night-blue sky. It was quite impressive!

Dunter and I went out for brunch on Sunday. We went to a café in the Jean-Talon Market where we had fruit tarts and café a lait. I bought a loaf of olive bread and organic strawberries before meeting my friend Emily to see a play at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

Emily took me to see Hot Pink, a one-woman show about a runaway youth battling her inner demons. I was highly impressed with the writing and acting. It was quite comic, very dramatic, filled with descriptive language that painted vivid pictures in the mind. The protagonist reminded me a lot of a friend I once knew at Campus Co-op.  I sure she reminded most people of one person or another.

Emily and I walked around the Plateau after the show, looking in shops and window-shopping. We went to a little ice cream parlour on St. Denis at Mount Royal where I had black tea and lavender ice cream, and she rhubarb sorbet. Both flavours were divine. We found a park bench to sit and happily chatted away, enjoying our cones. Once all the ice cream was gone, we meandered back to her house and said our farewells.

Now I sit at home on a Sunday night, the taste of lavender ice cream still in my mouth. It was so good! Its certainly been a wonderful day!


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