Strawberries on the Side

black crown night heron

I am very pleased with this picture I took on Sunday of a black crown night heron.

It has been really hot this week in Montreal thus far. I usually enjoy the heat as it’s such a rarity, but its actually beginning to get to me. (I’m currently sticking to my desk chair as I sit writing this!)

I had a pleasant weekend. Jay was down from Boston, so he, Dunter, and I spent the weekend eating well. We went out for dinner at a quaint restaurant just off the island of Montreal on Saturday evening. We sat on the patio of the main street of the small town. It was peaceful and quiet except for the occasional rustle of leaves and car driving by. It was strange to think we were only five minutes out of town.

Jay and I each had a lovely pesto pasta dish topped with scrumptious spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and peppers, and Dunter ate a whopping club sandwich. On Sunday, we went to the French cafe near Dunter’s house. I don’t recall what the fellows ate as I was too enamored with my own plate. I had a tender crepe filled with warm, cinnamon covered apple slices and Swiss cheese, with strawberries on the side. It was delicious!

Afterward, we went for a walk through Ile-des-Visitation, a small island off of the mainland of Montreal. It was beautiful. There was an old mill, paths through the forest and along the river-edge dense with reeds and lily-pads. There was plenty of wildlife too! I got a scare from a hedgehog running across my path, got a thrill from seeing two types of herons (one I never knew existed- see above), and plenty of ducks. It was bird-watcher’s paradise!

I went out for ice cream with Giro and Val on Monday to a place on Mount-Royal called La Peche Glace.  Giro bought us big waffles cones each with two flavours of ice cream. I had ginger and pistachio. It was so hot that our ice cream dripped all over us. We all looked a state afterwards. It was funny.

After ice cream, we went for a drive through West-Mount, admiring all the pretty houses and sharing our dreams. We stopped for a while on the lookout at the top of the incline to take in the view of the city. You could see right off the island! It was a clear evening.

Now I sit at home on a Wednesday evening, forever refilling my glass of water searching frantically for the fan I bought last summer and only used once. Perhaps tonight I can  do without my feather duvet?


2 responses to “Strawberries on the Side

  1. What a beautiful photo of the heron! No wonder you are proud of it, you should be! Definitely think it is time to do away with the duvet.

    • Thanks Mum! And as for the feather duvet, I slept with it one more night… but put it away this afternoon.

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