And The Dark Clouds Roll In

Nature's pom-poms!

This week has been full of little tales. On Monday, my colleagues and I spent the last few hours of work gazing out the window watching the dark rain clouds roll in. I was determined to go to the library that day as I had some DVDs to return, and anyways- wouldn’t it be the perfect place to be trapped in during a rainstorm?

After my shift I bicycled over to the Grand Bibliotheque only to find that it was closed as it was a Monday- strife! I was far from home and the clouds were getting darker and the air heavier, so I wandered into the Village to look for shelter. I hadn’t had dinner yet, so settled down in a healthy-looking pizzeria, aptly called Piazzetta.

I ordered the first thing I saw on the menu: thin crust pizza topped with a rose sauce, capers, and smoked salmon done in the traditional aboriginal way of the lower north shore of Quebec, which I was curious to try and see how it differed. It was very yummy, tender, and delightful! I sipped a glass of red wine as I watched the rain splash down outside, illuminated by the streetlamps and lights of passing cars.

The restaurant had interesting desserts, including gelato topped with balsamic vinegar! If I was feeling more adventurous I would have ordered that, but instead I had caramel panna cotta. I finished it just in time for the rain to stop, and happily cycled home.

On Tuesday evening, Dunter and I went to see Tears for Sale, a Siberian film at the Fantasia Film Festival. It was a dark comedy, playing on the stereotypes of Siberian film and culture. It was beautifully shot, with good characters and acting. It was very funny, strangely enough reminding me of British humour.

I was talking to a colleague at telemarketing the next day and he told me that things had gotten quite heated at the Q&A after the film (which I’d left as it was late). Apparently the screenwriter was harshly criticizing Siberian cinema (depressing films, poorly shot, ect) and people went up in arms! I’m sorry I missed the excitement!

After work on Wednesday, I met up with my friend Julian at Kafein. We hadn’t seen each other in over 2 months so had lots to talk about! He’s always doing interesting art and design projects and always have funny life stories to tell. We had many a laugh together.

I had a funny call-centre experience on Thursday. The floor-manager put me on a performance plan, requesting I make one sale by next Tuesday. I signed the paper, and confidently said “I can defiantly do that!” in which she retorted to by saying “Well, you haven’t made one in the last four days!” – I had to keep myself from laughing as I thought in my head “Thanks for the positive re-enforcement!” And you wonder why there’s a high turn-over at call-centres?

Friday was my first full day at my new internship, and I was rather surprised at the amount of responsibility I was given. I spent the morning looking over textile swatch books, researching fashion designers for us to contact for business, sourcing a networking consultant to re-do the office hardware, and trying  to find a hang-tag printer in Canada who would do small quantities. I know enough people in IT to get a good networking referral, but hang-tags?! I’m still scratching my head on that one.

I was so tired after my 9-hour day, that I took the metro home in the wrong direction. Dunter was a sweetheart, and had dinner all ready for me when I got home. We enjoyed oven-fresh pizza together before going out for daiquiris with Giro and Eve. It was a pleasant evening!

Now I sit at home listening to Vitalic trying to drown out the thump, thump, of the music from the tenants downstairs. I think it will be earplugs and chamomile tea tonight!


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