Restless Nights

Bright, happy flowers in a Montreal garden.

This week started off well by Dunter surprising me by taking me out to a lovely little restaurant called Le Rendes-Vous du The. We were the only people there and were received with great hospitality and service. I was highly impressed with everything!

The menu was incredible, in both taste and price: our dinner started off with a delicious salad of lettuce, thin slices of pear, Swiss cheese, endives, and ground pepper. For the main course, I had pasta in a cream sauce with fresh tomatoes, green pepers, and rabbit sausage. Dunter ordered duck topped with goat cheese and raspberry sauce. Everything was very yummy.

Dunter and I met after work on Tuesday. We walked down to Chinatown to have almond bubble tea and enjoy dragon beards candies before walking around the Just for Laughs Festival. The street was a swarm of people, but we managed to find a spot in front of a stage where a hoop-dancer was preforming. Watching her made me want to run away to the circus!

The rest of my week was less exciting. I spent my mornings viewing apartments, my evenings looking for apartments, and restless nights worrying about finding an apartment. The pickings are rather slim at this time of year. I am determined to find my own apartment, but my options at the moment appear to be an affordable, but run-down apartment in a sketchy neighbourhood, or overpriced hole in a wall in a nice neighbourhood. Sigh…


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  1. Something wonderful will come up!

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