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Quite the Night

Brambles at St. Bruno Provincial Park

Brambles at St. Bruno

I had a nice weekend (despite having been suspended for lack of sales at my telemarketing job). Saturday was Thomas’ last day in Montreal and we spent the day giving each other toy car massages. The call centre thought having a race-car theme would increase competitiveness. Rather, the little toy cars around our grey cubicles aided with relaxation as they make excellent massagers!

After work, we went out with some friends from work to celebrate Thom’s last night in Montreal before moving back to Winnipeg. We started the night at a café/pub called L’Etranger, where we shared a pitcher of cider and a plate of prosciutto, buffalo salami, caramelized onions, and baguette. Then we moved to a pub on Prince Arthur, then to Le Banque for poutine, followed by a visit to Sarah’s bachelorette party, and back to Thomas’ apartment for a nightcap before taking the bus home. It was quite the night!

I didn’t feel to brilliant the next morning, but dragged myself out of bed to meet Marie at noon at Oglivy. We’ve been meaning to go stationary shopping for about a year now. However, once having left the house, I called her to confirm our meeting place… only to find out she was still in bed!

I decided to make the best of my groggy morning by going to the library. I borrowed some DVDs and sat for awhile looking over some interior design books. I was very happy peering over the glossy pages filled with design for the home and office from the likes of Droog and Zaha Hadid.

After I having filled my head with dreams and fantasies, I went to Dunter’s house to go on a picnic. We packed a lovely spread of food into a knapsack and drove out of Montreal to St. Bruno Provincial Park. There, we sat in a quiet field of tall grass and trees to munch on olives, ham, camembert, baguette, and strawberry tarts, listening to none but the wind in the tall beech, pine, and maple trees.

We watched an episode of Midsommer Murders together that evening before going home. I spent most of my times at my internship the following day telephoning fashion companies in Toronto to see if they’d like to meet with me to view our fabrics. It was very, very stressful- worse then telemarketing! I mean, nobody like sales-calls, and here I was pitching our fabrics to the few high-end designers left remaining in Canada’s financial capitol. I left a lot of voicemails…

My day ended on a happy note, as I was informed Andy The-Anh was coming to our office on Tuesday and I was to sit in at the meeting. I was very excited as Andy The-Anh is one of my favourite Canadian designers. His designs are wearable yet play with the female form. I like it.

Now I sit at home, relaxing in my warm apartment with a fan blowing on my face. Another big day tomorrow…


Loons at Night

Mum looking out over the bay.

I took the train this weekend to Belleville where I was met at the station by my mother. It was lovely to see her, and after a warm embrace we drove off to Sharbot Lake, a provincial park we’d never been to before.

Our campsite was right on the lake and was shaded by leafy green trees. There was birch, maple, and pine trees all around, with lily pads abloom with flowers along the bank. It was all so beautiful! We agreed it was one of the prettiest campsites that we’d been.

It was a brumous evening that first night. A light mist descended over the placid waters of the lake, with the occasional cry of a loon added to the ambience. Mum and I went for a walk along the bay, stopping to sit on a crag of walk to watch day turn to night. It was very special.

Saturday started off with fluffy pancakes and a hike through the woods. After an afternoon nap and swim, we hiked along the ridge and through a variety of ecological systems. We worked up an appetite by dinner which we satisfied with husks of fresh corn and lamb sausages cooked over an open fire!

We had roasted marshmallows for dessert. However, the marshmallows weren’t the only treat we had that evening, for a loon decided to come fishing outside our campsite! Unfortunately our fingers were too sticky to take a photograph, but it remains one of the most thrilling moments of our trip!

It was a clear night that evening. We could see the comforting sight of campfires of neighbours across the bay. However, when we rose the following morning, we were greeted by most ominous skies!

Despite the grey cloud, wind, and chill in the air, we were determined to go canoeing! I was excited at the prospect, but once I found myself in a canoe, I realized how unstable they were, how deep and black the water was, and how I had no idea how to paddle!

Mum taught me the canoe basics, but it was tiring work. So, I let her do most of the work while I focused on documenting the trip and photographing lilies.

We went into the town of Perth that afternoon. Our primary goal was to find a Starbucks, but ended up settling for a Tim Hortons. Somehow, this added to the Canadainna of our trip.

We wandered around Perth under matching red umbrellas, eventually taking refuge from the rain in the local museum. The staff seemed particularly thrilled to have guests and gave us an in-depth guided tour on the history of Perth. It was most fascinating.

That night, I sat on a jut of rock by the lake writing postcards. The rain had chased away many of our neighbours making the park blissfully quiet. There was only the sound of crickers and the rustle of wind in the trees. All was perfect.

The bliss must have been the calm before the storm, for we were rudely awoken at 3am by the most horrific thunderstorm! Mum and I both feared for our lives. Our little tent did not feel safe against the wrath of nature. We had camped through many a storm before, but never one to the extent of that night!

Fortunately, we lived to tell the tale and awoke the following morning to bright sunshine, fluffy white clouds, and a chicory blue sky. Now I sit on the train ride home to Montreal listening to Mariam Reed on my iPhone. It has been a simple splendid weekend!

First Night In My First Apartment

My apartment... Err, actually not. That's a picture I took of my dream condo in the Plateau. I actually just moved to a studio-apt near Beaubien metro! Yay!

It feels like such a long time since I wrote a post. Things have been so crazy, what with moving, internship, and work. I’ve had no time to go even grocery shopping until today!

I was so stressed out last week I couldn’t bare to face the boxes within my apartment, but today they are finally all unpacked and everything has its place. Its yet to sink in that I actually have my own apartment, all to myself.

Dunter and I went for a walk around my new neighburhood yesterday. We went in all gourmet grocery stores and the pet stores to look at the animals and dog accessories (unfortunately my new apartment doesn’t allow animals, but I can still dream of Gilles, my fantasy miniature schnoodle). We had drinks on the patio of a cozy jazz bar on St-Hubert and bought organic raspberries from the health food across the street to eat on the walk home. It was lovely.

I got a lot of replies from my cold-B2B-emails today at my internship and sent out two swatch packages to some young designers in LA. Things are looking promising. I just need to start paying attention to the mainstream high-end fashion industry again…

As I’d run out of Kraft dinner to bring to work, I went to Resto Le Coin G, a near by cafe for lunch. I ordered a burger and coffee, and had to force myself to stop frantically sending emails on my iPhone so that I could properly enjoy my food. It was pleasant sitting in the shade of the sun, listening to the wind in the trees, and munching hungrily away at a hearty burger and delicious green salad.

After my internship, I went grocery shopping where  I bought staples: bread, cereal, and soya milk. Dunter met me at home and helped me set up my internet, my mirror, and my shoe rack. Now everything is unpacked, organized, and I have food in the house. Yay!

Now I sit at home. My first night in my new apartment. Its relatively quiet. There is the humm of my fridge, the passing of traffic, and the occasional burst of cheerful laughter from a neighbour’s open window.

I think I will be happy here.