First Night In My First Apartment

My apartment... Err, actually not. That's a picture I took of my dream condo in the Plateau. I actually just moved to a studio-apt near Beaubien metro! Yay!

It feels like such a long time since I wrote a post. Things have been so crazy, what with moving, internship, and work. I’ve had no time to go even grocery shopping until today!

I was so stressed out last week I couldn’t bare to face the boxes within my apartment, but today they are finally all unpacked and everything has its place. Its yet to sink in that I actually have my own apartment, all to myself.

Dunter and I went for a walk around my new neighburhood yesterday. We went in all gourmet grocery stores and the pet stores to look at the animals and dog accessories (unfortunately my new apartment doesn’t allow animals, but I can still dream of Gilles, my fantasy miniature schnoodle). We had drinks on the patio of a cozy jazz bar on St-Hubert and bought organic raspberries from the health food across the street to eat on the walk home. It was lovely.

I got a lot of replies from my cold-B2B-emails today at my internship and sent out two swatch packages to some young designers in LA. Things are looking promising. I just need to start paying attention to the mainstream high-end fashion industry again…

As I’d run out of Kraft dinner to bring to work, I went to Resto Le Coin G, a near by cafe for lunch. I ordered a burger and coffee, and had to force myself to stop frantically sending emails on my iPhone so that I could properly enjoy my food. It was pleasant sitting in the shade of the sun, listening to the wind in the trees, and munching hungrily away at a hearty burger and delicious green salad.

After my internship, I went grocery shopping where  I bought staples: bread, cereal, and soya milk. Dunter met me at home and helped me set up my internet, my mirror, and my shoe rack. Now everything is unpacked, organized, and I have food in the house. Yay!

Now I sit at home. My first night in my new apartment. Its relatively quiet. There is the humm of my fridge, the passing of traffic, and the occasional burst of cheerful laughter from a neighbour’s open window.

I think I will be happy here.


2 responses to “First Night In My First Apartment

  1. I am smiling with happiness for you. Virginia Wolfe was right-we do need a room of our own
    love AA

  2. Yes, please be happy there. It often requires only our own choice. It sounds lovely and I am very happy for you.

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