Quite the Night

Brambles at St. Bruno Provincial Park

Brambles at St. Bruno

I had a nice weekend (despite having been suspended for lack of sales at my telemarketing job). Saturday was Thomas’ last day in Montreal and we spent the day giving each other toy car massages. The call centre thought having a race-car theme would increase competitiveness. Rather, the little toy cars around our grey cubicles aided with relaxation as they make excellent massagers!

After work, we went out with some friends from work to celebrate Thom’s last night in Montreal before moving back to Winnipeg. We started the night at a café/pub called L’Etranger, where we shared a pitcher of cider and a plate of prosciutto, buffalo salami, caramelized onions, and baguette. Then we moved to a pub on Prince Arthur, then to Le Banque for poutine, followed by a visit to Sarah’s bachelorette party, and back to Thomas’ apartment for a nightcap before taking the bus home. It was quite the night!

I didn’t feel to brilliant the next morning, but dragged myself out of bed to meet Marie at noon at Oglivy. We’ve been meaning to go stationary shopping for about a year now. However, once having left the house, I called her to confirm our meeting place… only to find out she was still in bed!

I decided to make the best of my groggy morning by going to the library. I borrowed some DVDs and sat for awhile looking over some interior design books. I was very happy peering over the glossy pages filled with design for the home and office from the likes of Droog and Zaha Hadid.

After I having filled my head with dreams and fantasies, I went to Dunter’s house to go on a picnic. We packed a lovely spread of food into a knapsack and drove out of Montreal to St. Bruno Provincial Park. There, we sat in a quiet field of tall grass and trees to munch on olives, ham, camembert, baguette, and strawberry tarts, listening to none but the wind in the tall beech, pine, and maple trees.

We watched an episode of Midsommer Murders together that evening before going home. I spent most of my times at my internship the following day telephoning fashion companies in Toronto to see if they’d like to meet with me to view our fabrics. It was very, very stressful- worse then telemarketing! I mean, nobody like sales-calls, and here I was pitching our fabrics to the few high-end designers left remaining in Canada’s financial capitol. I left a lot of voicemails…

My day ended on a happy note, as I was informed Andy The-Anh was coming to our office on Tuesday and I was to sit in at the meeting. I was very excited as Andy The-Anh is one of my favourite Canadian designers. His designs are wearable yet play with the female form. I like it.

Now I sit at home, relaxing in my warm apartment with a fan blowing on my face. Another big day tomorrow…


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