A Lonely Slice of Pie

Laundry drying in the autumn sunlight

Laundry drying in the autumn sunlight near the bakery.

Thursday was grey and cold day. Dunter picked me up after work to take me out for something special. We went to Juliette & Chocolat, a fancy chocolatier in the Plateau.

It was pouring cats and dogs outside, so we arrived very wet. We warmed up over cups of hot chocolate and chia lattes. I ordered hot chocolate, with a hazelnut liquor, and vanilla ice cream served in a big martini glass. Then we shared a plate of sweet crepes drizzle in chocolate, topped with slices of fresh orange. It was very good and cheered me up immensely!

I slept in to a ridiculous hour on Friday morning, so hadn’t time to pack a lunch or even eat breakfast- the latter is unheard of! So, come noon I left the office and wandered down the lane, looking for a place to eat.

It was a sunny day with crisp yellow leaves strewn on the ground and fluffy white clouds in the blue sky. I first went to the popular café on St. Denis, but there was a line-up, so I went into a rather bare looking bakery called Pattisserie Jo-El.

There was one pie in the huge refrigerator that looked very lonely. However, I focused my attention on nourishment, and attempted to order the small breakfast that was listed on the chalkboard by the window.

My French failed miserably, but the lady behind the counter just smiled and said something along the lines of “You don’t want breakfast! You want lasagna!” and lead me out to a tray of lasagna that had just come out of the oven. The two women asked me how hungry I was, first offering my half of the lasagna (!) then 1/3 before just spooning an undetermined onto my plate. I felt like I was at supper at a friend’s house!

I complimented the one lady’s ring, which she had made, so we shared beading moment. Then Lucy, lady behind the corner, started telling me all about the music playing. It was an album they’d picked up from the library played by people with polo (who lived in a zoo- perhaps a translation error?) on instruments they’d made from debris. They were both very interesting people to chat with!

When I asked for filtered  coffee with milk, they gave frothed milk instead of regular which made me feel very tickled. The two women then sat by the window to eat the lasagna while I scraped my plate clean.

It was very good lasagna. I had eaten so much, I was worried at how much it would be, so resisted the temptation to buy a piece of pie, and settled for a small cookie-man. The lady wrapped it up in a napkin for me, and charged me only $6.50 for everything! I can’t describe how pleased I felt!

I was reluctant to get out of bed once again on Saturday morning. However, once up and out of the house and noticed how lovely an autumn morning it was. It was sunny, clear day with just mere wisps of cloud in the sky. There were chickadees chirping in the trees and smell of crisp fallen leaves in the air. It was splendid!

After work on Saturday, I met up with Nicole to go out for dinner at Vinizza, a fancy Italian restaurant. It was the birthday of a friend of Carlo’s, so there were a bunch of familiar faces. We shared an appetizer of fresh figs and prosciutto and a simple between the 6 of us. Then I had a pasta dish topped with fresh mint, peas, and ground lamb. It was the most unusual thing on the menu and decent. We finished off our meal with cappuccinos which they served with a cute heart drawn in the foam of our coffee!

I wasn’t all that impressed by the food, but the staff were attentive, and the clientele at the restaurant were beautiful. We amused ourselves watching the women in their designer jeans and high heels, dressed far better and sexier than us, yet twice our age. Nicole and I felt the cultural difference.

Now I sit at home listening to classical music on the radio. I’m tired but energetic, yet its almost midnight! It must be the cappuccino with the heart in it…


One response to “A Lonely Slice of Pie

  1. Didn’t your mother teach you the absolute, unnegotiable, critical importance of a good breakfast? Splurge on a container of protein powder at least, so that you can through it in a jar with the milk of your choice and shake – takes 2 minutes tops!

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