An Enjoyable Canter About

Baskets of tomatoes

Baskets full of tomatoes at the Jean Talon Market.

I got up at a reasonable hour on Sunday and heading down to the Jean Talon Market. The purpose of the trip was to find bread and cheese for an autumn picnic in the park that afternoon. However, I got terribly distracted… but in a good way.

I bought pears, raspberries, a sachet of dried lavender, and a bottle of honey wine for Thanksgiving dinner. As for the picnic, I bought a loaf of olive bread, goats milk cheddar cheese made with rosemary, herbed pate, smoked turkey, raspberry and rhubarb jam, an unusual cheese called Tomme au Marc rolled in dried grapes, and two small pistachio cakes topped with delicate marzipan flowers.

After an enjoyable canter around the market, I went to the hardware store near my house to buy a bath mat and a shelf for my kitchen. I picked out a lovely bathmat that consisted of cut-outs of elegant fallen leaves in transparent green plastic. Once home, I packed the picnic in time for Dunter to pick me up.

We drove down to Mount Royal Park. We rolled out a blanket on the and watched the people around us as we ate. There were a group of people drumming beneath the statue of angels, rosy cheeked toddlers and cheerful puppies playing in the park, people reading and lounging in the grass. It was an enjoyable environment to be in.

After we had stuffed ourselves full of thick slices of bread, cheese, meats and olives, we went for a walk through the neighbourhood of Mount Royal. We stopped in various boutiques and book shops, and ran into two individual people we knew too!

Once our legs had grown tired of walking, we went back home where Dunter put up my shelf for me. I now have a shelf for all my teas! Yay!

Dunter and I went grocery shopping together, before he headed off home. I unpacked my groceries, did laundry, and did some cleaning around the house. Now I sit at the computer listening to the French CBC classical music station. Its enjoyable every time of day!


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