Monthly Archives: October 2010

A Lily-Pad Hat

Pumpkins outside a flower shop in the Mile-End.

Some friends from telemarketing and I went to go see our campaign’s supervisor perform with his dance troupe on Thursday night. The show was a mix of humour, pop, and burlesque, which wasn’t really my thing, but the piece he choreographed was very well done. It was the story of two lovers, the death of one, grief, and dreams. It was very touching and stood out strongly from the other acts.

The following morning, I also met with the resource buyer of a designer I admire. They are a relatively avant-garde Canadian fashion company and I was very excited to show them my internship’s fabrics. The guy was about my age, cheerful, laid-back, and just as excited about the fabrics as I was about the prospect of working with his company. We got on well, and he said he’d bring the head designer to speak with me the next week. I hope it follows through!

Giro was hosting a Halloween party that same evening. I met Dunter at the party. I spent most of the evening dancing with friends and eating candy. I dressed up as a water nymph wearing a shiny latex dress with a lily-pad cocktail hat I’d made with netting and a dragon fly, and a necklace and earrings made with seashells and seaweed. It was a unique costume!

I was rather tired at work the next day. I didn’t think I was going to make it through the whole shift, but fortunately one of my co-workers brought Scrabble. So, we sat and played Scrabble in between the calls that day. I really do enjoy word games…

I met Dunter after work and we went to St-Hubert for dinner. We were both too tired to go out that night, so watched the family film The Corpse Bride instead. The film was not to my taste visually, but it had a fantastic plot line. It would have made an excellent book!

Today was cloudy and cold. I had invited my friend Emily over for dinner that evening, so ventured out to the bakery by my house. I bought a loaf of bread and a apple and almond tart for dessert that evening. The bakery boy didn’t speak much English, so I did a lot of pointing and hand actions.

I had been asked to take photographs of the trendy Mile End neighbourhood for my internship’s blog. This was something I would have greatly enjoyed in the summer, but as it is such a bother to get to by public transit, I was tired, and it was cold outside- I wasn’t too happy about going there.

I took some decent photographs, bought some cereal at the health food store, and had a bowl of soup at my favourite café, Le Cagibi. The soup made the trip worthwhile and warmed me up a bit. However, when I arrived at the metro station, exhausted and with frozen fingers clasping my camera, I discovered my metro pass was missing from my purse! This was very upsetting as I still had a week’s left of travel on that card.

When I arrived home, I called around to see if it had dropped out of my wallet when I paid for my cereal, but sadly, it wasn’t to be found. I had to set aside my disappointment to make a nice diner for Emily. We had a lovely visit. We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time- maybe over a month! I always have an enjoyable time with Emily.

Now I sit at home with another cup of tea listening to the French classical radio station. It makes for a peaceful end to a busy week!