Winter’s First Snowfall

Berries growing along a wall in the Plateau.

My week has been full of ups and downs. On Monday I went over to Nicole’s to have dinner. We ate lasagna that Carlo’s grandmother had made and I picked up tarts from the bakery nearby for dessert. We listened to classical music, looked at design websites on her laptop and enjoyed a wonderful supper!

On Tuesday, I was given my absolute ‘final warning’ for lack of sales of telemarketing. At the same time I found out my job was doomed, Dunter found out he had a job! He starts work as an IT assistant next week!

Wednesday was not a good day. My wool winter coat was falling apart, the zipper on my favourite pair of pants broke, and my everyday shoes had a huge hole in them. On top of this, I found out I was not doing my job properly at my internship, and when I went to telemarketing later that day, I couldn’t make a sale no matter how hard I tired. It felt as if everything was falling apart- literally!

I didn’t make a sale again at telemarketing on Thursday. However, my morning walk to work was pleasant. There were only a few clouds in the sky and when the sun hit the yellow leaves of the trees that lined the street they lit up with even more intense colour!

I was busy at my internship on Friday. I showed our fabrics to a designer, wrote emails, researched potential clients, showed the new girl where the company’s PO box was, and went to look at espresso machines for my boss.

After work, Dunter and I went out to St-Hubert for a chicken dinner. We went to rent a movie, but I was tired that I fell asleep on the couch before it even started! Scandalous!

On Saturday I dressed up as a sailor as it was Halloween at telemarketing. A whole bunch of other people said they’d dress up too, but when I got to work everyone was in their normal clothes! However, there was one other co-worker who arrived with face paint on, so that made two of us.

I didn’t make a sale again and when I left the call centre it was snowing! So, I got a cup of miso soup at the sushi place by the metro to keep me warm and nourished on the walk home. The big fluffy snowflakes were pretty in the lamplight.

Dunter and I went out for breakfast on Sunday morning. The walk to the bistro was pleasant. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the patches of snow on the ground sparkled in the sunlight amongst the fallen yellow leaves.

I had a glass of freshly squeezed orange-mango juice and a big crepe filled with spiced apple and Swiss cheese! It was very yummy. I had an afternoon nap and now sit at my computer waiting for the kettle to boil. I hear it bubbling now!


2 Replies to “Winter’s First Snowfall”

  1. Oy Lovely!

    I hope things start picking up at the telemarketing job! I’m glad that despite the not-so-fun-things you still have a positive, sunny outlook! Tis a very admirable quality!


    1. Awe! Thanks Aria! I just found out today that they are transferring me to a totally new campaign- selling furnace and air conditioning insurance! Totally unrelated to credit cards… but lets hope it all goes well until my internship pulls through! Yay!

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