Monthly Archives: February 2011

Winter Weekends of Feasting


Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, but I feel that my last two weekends are worthy of exposure. Last Saturday I went to Val & Jason’s for dinner where Val cooked us a juicy pork roast with roast potatoes, cabbage and peas. I brought chocolate & pear bread for dessert which I’d picked up at the patisserie along the way. It was, of course, a delicious dinner!

The following morning I met Nicole for breakfast. We went to Universal, a popular place in the Plateau where we each had a big plate of crepes, eggs, sausages, baked beans, and toast! After we’d eaten, we went grocery shopping together where we picked up food for her party.

Nicole was having a wine and cheese party for the ladies that evening as all the men were out watching the Superbowl. We had a fabulous time chatting away and eating wonderful food. We all really enjoyed ourselves and ate the most wonderful cheeses and finger foods!

This weekend was pleasant as well. On Saturday morning I set about doing household chores and some mending while listening to my new carol CD over and over again. I met Tom for brunch and he took me out for lemon-chocolate crepes. It was very pleasant sitting in a warm restaurant as it snowed heavily outside. Its moments like these that make winter wonderful.

After brunch, I met Val at the McGill theatre to see the Gilbert & Suillivan musical Ruddigore: The Witches Curse. The first act was a little dull, but we were enjoying ourselves immensely by the second act. We were in stitches of laughter!

After the musical, Val invited me back to her house for dinner. We ordered Japanese take-out and had sushi, seaweed salad, and mountain-vegetable soup in the comfort of their living room. Val also bought a selection of macrons which are those trendy desserts you see everywhere (taking the place of cupcakes) and to my surprise they were actually good! Much better than cupcakes.

After dinner, I went to Nicole’s house for her farewell party. She’s moving out of Montreal to pursue a life of adventure teaching and traveling. I didn’t know everyone there, but after a few games of charades people were more familiar.

I went to the library on Sunday morning where I spent time going through the classical music section picking out medieval albums. I then went through the DVD section where I found a DVD set of Foyles War I hadn’t seen. I was most excited!

I was most eager to go home and listen to my new discoveries, but I had to go to FabricLand to look for a pattern. I wanted to find a cardigan design to use the beautiful wool we’re discontinuing at my workplace. I spent hours mutinously going through every pattern book the shop had, but no pattern fit my vision. Pity all my pattern drafting supplies are in storage!

Despite the disappointment, I had a wonderful evening! I had a lovely time listening to my CDs from the library, chopping up vegetables, and watching the snow fall outside. It was most peaceful. Snow is best seen out a window rather than in one’s eyelashes- although that has its own magic as well.

Now I sit having had consumed 2 bowls of my freshly made stew. I watched an entertaining episode of Foyles War and now look forward to a good nights sleep! Hope you have a pleasant evening too!