Monthly Archives: March 2011

Pretty Pear Pancakes

And it snows outside my office window...

I saw both of my dear friends Nicole and Caitlin this weekend. I went out for wine at an Italian restaurant with Nicole & Carlo. Nicole and I updated each other on our lives since she moved out of Montreal. She has decided not to go to Japan to teach English this summer due to the nuclear risk, but is looking in going to Korea instead. Should be exciting!

Later that evening I met Caitlin at the train station. There had been a fatal workplace accident at the train station, so she was two hours late. We went straight home to bed and in the morning had a relaxing morning drinking coffee and reading NOW Magazine and The New York Times. We went to Value Village in the afternoon where I found a blazer to wear work, a light summer dress to wear around the house, a Rudsak keychain, and brand new Michael Kors jeans! I was thrilled!

After we’d dropped our shopping off home, we walked around my neighbourhood. Unfortunately the medieval shop and pet store were closed early that day, but the artisan beer boutique and olive oil shop were open. We each got a bottle of blueberry beer for dinner, then Caitlin got orange & coriander beer and I ginger beer. They were interesting flavours!

After saying hello to the neighbourhood Westie tied outside the cheese shop, we went to Juliette & Chocolat. We were amused by their karma-sutra chocolate reliefs they had left over from St. Valentines. If I wasn’t feeling frugal I would have bought a bar as a gift. They were so unusual!

We each had a mug of thick peanut better hot chocolate topped with cream. I had forgotten how rich and intense their hot chocolate and ordered a caramel and pear crepe to share. We were totally sugar-ed out by the time we headed home where we made a point to have a nutritious supper. We made pasta with a tomato and spinach sauce, topped with asparagus and meatballs made from ground-horse. It was day of tasty delights!

Later that evening we met up with Val & Jason at the pub across the street from their house. There, we ordered yet another unique beer- rose hibiscus! Jason wanted to show Caitlin the Lego bar, but there was a line-up outside, so we went to another trendy bar near their house. There we had martinis, followed by poutine to give Caitlin a true Montreal experience.

The following morning Caitlin and I made blueberry and pear pancakes. Neither of us had ever put pear in pancakes before. I had bought maple syrup at the market the week before, so we had a truly decadent brunch!

We spent the afternoon at the Contemporary Art Gallery of Montreal. It was fun looking at all the different art with Caitlin as we tried to figure out how each work was created. My favourite piece was a UV light installation by James Turrell. From afar it just looked like a blue default screen projected on a white wall, but actually it was a hole in the wall filled with an eerie light!

Once we had checked out all the exhibits, we went to check out the small galleries nearby. Unfortunately they were closed as it was a Sunday, so we headed up St-Laurent to buy cheese and chocolate. We met Dunter at Shwartz for dinner where we had Montreal’s famous smoked meat, followed by lattes at a nearby café.

Caitlin and I had a quiet evening in. We made a pot of tea and watched an episode of Rosemary & Thyme, then the movie New York, I Love You. The film was the same concept as Je t’aime Paris which is a series of connected short films about love and city life. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t as good as the first despite the familiar locations and Hollywood stars.

Caitlin and I had grapefruit and pancakes again for breakfast on Monday. I escorted her to the train and arrived at work before the snowstorm hit that morning. It snowed heavily most of the day, but the snow was slush by the time I left work that evening.

Now I sit at home listening to harp music and enjoying a cup of ginger tea. It’s another quiet night in my cozy Montreal apartment.