Monthly Archives: May 2012

Toronto at Night

Caitlin and I went to the Lansdowne Cone today and took pictures on our way before heading back to her back garden to enjoy G&T’s by candlelight:

girl in a white dress playing among the ailes at a storeA woman lights candles on a table outside at night.Streetlights aglow at night at Bloor and Dufferin in Toronto.


Montreal in May

Colourful balconies on a sunny day in Montreal.Pink flowers bloom next to a staircase in Montreal.Blue sky and wires above a shadowy alley way in Montreal's Plateau district.

I visited my beloved Montreal again in May. It was a lovely time of year to go. Even with all the political unrest, one could still enjoy the beauty of the city.

Coffee & Tea

Woman writing in notebook with a mug of coffee next to herA white mug filled with coffee sits on a wood table with a napkin and spoon next to it.Red and pink glasses with gold detailing sit on a silver tea tray.Coffee time in Montreal & Niagara.