Monthly Archives: August 2012

Canoeing Through Charleston Lake

Mum and I went on our first interior camping adventure this summer. We paddled into our campsite at Charleston Lake Provincial Park and spent wondrous days on land and on the water. I am not a fan of water, but I instantly fell in love with Charleston Lake. The water was beautiful ans so was the scenery around it!

Trees on an isalnd in a lake against the grey, cloudy skyShoreline of Charleston Lake during a rain stormClouds reflected on placid lake water with trees on the horizen A loon in Charleston Lake


Storm Clouds Over Kingston

We stopped in Kingston like we often do during camping trips or on our travels between Montreal and Niagara. This time however, while Mum caught up with her friends, I went for a very long walk. The light was beautiful at that time of day with storm clouds adding drama to the skyline. I wanted to take pictures of everything!

Boats in the setting sunGrass blowing in the breeze along the water in KingstonWater fowl in a line in shallow water beneath cloudy skies

I made my way along the water’s edge and soon found myself in the downtown core of Kingston. I decided to go in search of local brew. So, I went to three bars asking for a local beer on tap, and all three sent me in direction of the Kingston Brewery. I got a bit lost, but eventually found it had had a splendid time sitting at the bar chatting with the staff. I sampled three beers:┬áDunkelnacht, Framboise Royale and one other I can’t recall the name of offhand. They were all excellent. I had a wonderful time and will make a point to return next time I’m in town.

Silhouette of houses and phone lines against the sky at sunset

Wildflowers at Charleston Lake

Flowers. They are an universal object of beauty in this world. However, flower photography is ho-hummed at much of time. I love taking photographs of flowers myself, and here are three from my recent travels to Charleston Lake Provincial Park.

White flower among green foliage next to grey slats of board.White spikey orb like flowerOrage leichen grows on a rock next to purple flowers

If you know the names, please feel free to comment below. Thanks!