Bon Echo Provincial Park

I just came home from camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park with my friends Caitlin, Kitty, and McKinely. We went for 4 nights where we played guitar and my folk harp around the campfire every night, board games, and went for nature walks each day. We saw all sorts of delights on our walks. August is a beautiful time of year to go camping. It is the transition from summer to autumn – my two favourite seasons of the year.

Red leaves float in placid waters where rocks poke up above the surface.A monarch butterfly rests in the grass in a forest of trees. Two people are in the distance.The Bon Echo Rock is reflected in the water of the lake on a clear, calm day.

A Butterscotch Tart & Croissant

I had a lovely harp lesson on Wednesday. We had it in my teacher’s back garden, under the shade of the arbour over the patio. In the air was the scent of grapes in the air, which really made the experience perfect. On top of that, she had a new golden retriever puppy who was scampering around the yard. She was the sweetest puppy- calm, very friendly, and oh so soft to the touch!

Kitty and I went for a pint on Wednesday night. We got all dressed up and headed down to the Piston. To our surprise, Raelynn was there too! We live so close but never run into one another. We had a great time, and the evening ended with a reading of the most ridiculous horoscope from NOW magazine saying I need to bake unicorn poop cookies! (which is now posted on the fridge)

I was restless on Thursday, so went on a bicycle ride in search of a café with a patio and an electrical outlet. I had a fantasy of working on my thesis outside in the warm sunlight with a latte and a pastry at my aide, enjoying the breeze and city sounds… Unfortunately, such a café is hard to come by in these parts. So, I ended up sitting inside with my laptop, a cookie, and a cup of filtered coffee instead. I got my outdoors kick in the evening however when I went to the yoga class in the park near my house. I stretched on the grass under the blue skies watching the birds fly overhead. It was lovely.

I cycled down to school on Friday. I thought a change of scenery may improve my productivity, but when I arrived at the studio, it was flooded! Little rivers of water span out across the room from the A/C unit, collecting around the electrical cables on the floor. So, I called the building management, and we cleaned it up together. Put a dent in my productive day though.

Yehuda took me out for dinner on Friday. We went to Nazareth, an Ethiopian restaurant near my house, then to Bakerbots for ice cream. Yehuda got a ginger molasses ice cream sandwich, and I got a little cup of Bellwoods Russe Stout flavoured ice cream. It was divine!

After saying goodbye to Yehuda after ice cream, I went to a party where Ben and some friends were. It was a fun party, and two of our friends showed me pictures of the food they had eaten at the Ex the other day: pulled pork sandwiches, but with red velvet pancakes instead of bread! It looked insane… and surprisingly good.

I went over to Yehuda’s house on Saturday where he made me dinner and I helped him pack boxes for moving. He has an awful lot of books- I am rather fearful of the move! He could open a library! He lent me some music theory books and a book on Toltec wisdom, so there’s three less books to worry about moving!

I went down to Bakerbots Bakery on Sunday morning and got a butterscotch tart and croissant. The tart was delicious, but the croissant- oh my! It was possibly the best croissant of my life! It was perfect in every way. It was bliss! Now I sit at home with a cup of coffee listening to Billy Holiday, mustering up the courage to work on my thesis proposal. Wish me luck!