Fungi at Louth Conservation Area

Mum, Dad, and I went for a walk in Louth Conservation Area this afternoon. I intended on taking pictures of autumn leaves, but instead I found myself drawn in by the mushrooms of the park. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Mushrooms grow on a log in the forest at Louth Conservation AreaA mushroom grows among dead leaves on the forest floor.Brown and white fungi grows on a log among moss and leaves on the forest floor

Pumpkin Shopping

I drove out to Niagara Nurseries today to buy a pumpkin to make pie with tomorrow for after Thanksgiving dinner.  I also took some photos while I was doing my shopping. Here is some documentation from my pumpkin shopping expedition:

Pale gourds in a wood bin next to dry corn stalksgreen corn stalks in the foreground with rows of pumpkins in the backgroundGreen gourds in wood bins at Niagara NurseriesA sparrow sits next to green corn stalks