In The Bleak Mid-Winter

It perhaps is a little optimistic using ‘mid-winter’ in the title of this blog post, but I felt it was suitable for the content. While my Dad prepared Christmas dinner today, I gallivanted around the garden and went down to the creek with my camera.

Cat tails and dog wood by the creek.Bare, grey branches with a blurred background of dead leaves on the forest floorDead rose hip against a grey sky

Idle No More

My Mum and I went to the Idle No More rally in Niagara Falls this afternoon. It was cold, damp, and snowy, but everyone’s spirits were high as we sang, drummed, and danced out front of City Hall – while I took pictures (with permission).

Group of people drumming by a large ever green tree in the snow.A little boy in a snowsuit and many adults stand around a drug singing together in the snow.Aboriginal women stand out front of city hall wearing red and purple.Woman in a black hat and purple coat singing while playing a Celtic drum in the snow outside City Hall in Niagara Falls.

I also took a short video, which is posted on YouTube.