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Construction Zone

There are always condos going up in the city. This one happens to be going up right by my school, which can make lectures quite interesting (oh the drilling!). Today, I took some pictures while on my way to the subway after a research meeting:

Viewed through a peak hole is the walkway and structure of a condo development. Street lights in distance. Wire fence in front of a construction siteSkeleton of a condo being built, as seen through a peek hole.


Splish, Splash, Sparrows Taking a Bath

A group of sparrows take a bath in a puddle in the road by a pile of slush and snow.

I went to a gallery with Saman the day before New Years. We planned to see a Mapplethorpe photography exhibit at the Olga Korper Gallery, but when we arrived, the gallery was on holiday hours! So, we poked around the complex, ending up at Peak Gallery instead.

Upon descending the stairs into Peak, we were greeted by a very personable curator. He treated us to a personal tour around the space, along with animated discussion. He showed us the best places on which to stand to view the art, gave us the background on the work, discussed Canadian art at length, and even allowed us to touch the artwork! I left the gallery amazed at his hospitality! It was an experience.

I had a pleasant New Years Eve. Kitty and I went over to Caitlin’s house where there was a hearty spread of cheeses, bread, olives, and smoked salmon, as well as other culinary delights. Once we were well fed, we went out to the Piston dancing where we rung in the New Year. I haven’t been very impressed with the DJ’s at the Piston lately, and unfortunately the set was lack lustre once again. However, we managed to have a good time and went back to Caitlin’s for more food and sparkling wine after.

On Wednesday, I went to Yehuda’s for dinner. I brought over items from my fridge, including my new jar of Kozlick’s Sweet & Smokey mustard (amazing). From these, he whipped up perfect pork chops garnished with the mustard and apple sauce, with an accompanying salad with apples topped with a mustard vinaigrette. I was impressed, as I am always with Yehuda’s cooking.

It was snowing when I bicycled home that evening. It made for a lovely sight! The feathery snowflakes fell all around, and before me the white streets covered in snow glittered in the lamplight. The sparkle of the snow was particularly beautiful, however I still still struggle with the right words to describe it.  I was glad to get into the warm when I arrived home, and when I awoke the next morning, it was still snowing. So, I decided to stay indoors with a hot cup of tea all day.

Saman and I went gallery hopping again on Friday. We started at an opening on at the O’Born Contemporary Gallery, then made our way down Queen Street before going for beer and grilled cheese sandwich at Sweaty Betty’s. We saw some really bad art and some really good art, including sculpture, photography, and painting. I appreciated the photographic works at the O’Born best, particularly those by Lindsay LaucknerBenjamin Aaron Freedman, and Jeff Bierk.

I went over to Caitlin’s the next morning to make breakfast together. I brought over pancake mix, maple syrup, and baked beans, with Caitlin supplying the eggs! We made a stack of fluffy pancakes- far more than we could consume! We sat with our plates piled high, our mugs heavy with coffee, and Espace Musique on the radio. It was a fantastic was to start off the weekend!

During my walk home from Caitlin’s, I encountered a flock of sparrows having a bath in a puddle on the side of the road. I have a soft spot for backyard wildlife, so hurried on home to get my camera. My roommate Kitty was on the front porch sanding the helm of a sailboat with a bandanna wrapped around her head like a pirate. We caught up on life, calling to one another from across the front yard as I tried to sneak up on the sparrows with my camera. Unfortunately, they were a bit skittish, so I was unable to get up close.

Anyway, so that is how 2012 ended and 2013 started for me. It has been a pretty string of days with the resuming of classes next week to look forward to. Yay!

A group of sparrows take a bath in a puddle in the road by a pile of slush and snow.

The Silence of Snow

I awoke to snow on Christmas morning, which was quite a surprise as it had been such a balmy December. I was quite eager to drive out to Jordan that afternoon and document the snow and ice that has become a rare sight as of late.

Detail of an ice covered creek with a stone perturbing from a crescent shaped hole. Dark blue clouds over muddy snow and small cone-shaped evergreen treesA small ball of snow fallen on an icy blue creek, creating a curved trail of powdery snow behind it from where it fell.