Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spring Time Inside

Mother Nature likes to tease us with warm spells, buds showing on the trees, and shoots of green poking out from under the dry dead leaves left over from the past autumn. However, a trip to the spring exhibit at the greenhouse at Niagara Parks reminds us that spring really isn’t that far off. We just may have a few more snows before she arrives.

A sparrow stands next to a display of spring flowersWhite flowers next to the windowBlue spring flowers


The Green Window Frame

I went home for two days for a much needed break from the hustle-bustle of the city and the stresses of work & school. Mum and I decided to go to the greenhouse in Niagara Falls as we like to each year. It is always a joy to enter, especially when its cold and snowy outside. We soon forgot about the grey skies outdoors once we were surrounded by the warmth and colour of the greenhouse.

A cactus sits by the greenhouse window that looks out on a bare fountain on a grey winter's day.Small yellow and white bird on the window sill.Green window frame with cactuses in front. Through the fogged up glass, an old white greenhouse door can be seen opposite.

Icicles & Bird Cages

I went to Montreal for the weekend. It snowed practically the whole time I was there. My fondest memory form the trip was walking to a party at night. It was snowing (of course) and there were big fluffy flakes falling all around and glowing in the lamplight.

It was during this walk that we came across a cluster of old-fashioned wire birdcages hanging from a balcony over a florist’s shop. Icicles hung from the cages and sparkled in the lamplight. It was beautiful! I of course went back the next day to take pictures of them with my camera.

black and white photograph of a cluster of old-fashioned wire birdcages hanging off a balcony with icicles hanging off themBouquets of purple tulips with snow in their and white photograph of old-fashioned wire birdcages arranged in a curve and that hang off of a balcony with icicles hanging off them.

Oh, and I should note that across the street was the most wonderful spice shop! If you enjoy gourmet cooking, I suggest you check out the Spice Station (one location in MTL, another in LA, and one opening up in TO soon- I got chatting with the owner while I was there). Oh, and don’t be discouraged by their website. It may be out-of-date and difficult to navigate, but their products are great!