My First Trip to Algonquin Park

I just came back from backcountry camping on Canisbay Lake in Algonquin Park. It was my first time visiting the park and my first camping trip with Yehuda. I was amazed at how large it was in compared to the many other parks I’ve been to! We only canoed 45 minutes in from the Canisbay access point, but already found ourselves alone with just the song of the birds to listen to. It was wonderful!

Storm clouds on the horizen of Canisbay Lake

My favourite moment from the trip was making tea by candlelight. We took our little camp stove and tea lights down to the big boulder at the edge of our site on the water and made tea. It was lovely sitting there, our feet dangling over the edge with hot mugs of tea in our hands as we listened to the songbirds in the dying light of the day. It was beautiful for every one of the senses.

Blue tin bowl and cup by a smokey campfire at Canisbay Lake, Agonquin Park.

I usually eat quite simply when I go camping, but Yehuda was determined that we ate well. We had hamburgers stuffed with cheese, grilled peppers, sliced yam, marinated steak, sausages, and of course bacon – all cooked on the campfire! It was quite the camping cuisine! What is even more impressive, that Yehuda was even able to get a fire lit with all the rain we hand. He was a very determined camper.

Tiny pink and white flowers among ferns on the forest floor of Algonquin Park

I was intrigued by the unique flowers and birds we heard and saw during our trip. There were many I wasn’t familiar with. Algonquin has many interesting hiking trails too. We plan to go back later in the summer. When we return, I will pack my plant identification book and hope to be more up to snuff with my identification of bird calls. The park has lots to offer the budding naturalist!

Landcsape with tree covered hills and green bog on a rainy summer day..


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