There & Back Again

Mum and I just came home from our second annual interior camping trip to Charleston Lake Provincial Park. It was a birthday present from my friend Nicole which proved to be most memorable.

On our way up to Charleston Lake we stopped in a B&B in Brighton. On our way home to St. Catharines, we made stops in Cobourg for dinner and in Vineland for farm fresh produce (in addition to Kingston, Gananoque, and Port Hope). Here are some pictures from the moments bordering the end destinations:

Reflection of the moon on the water at night. A sign by wooden steps leading down to the water reads "Use at your own risk"

Brighton, ON.

Red and yellow tug boat in a marina. Blue sky and blue water bordered by white iron fencing.

Cobourg, ON.

Pile of brown farmers baskets in the grass at the end of a row of peach trees.

Vineland, ON.

Photos from Charleston Lake to follow.

View last year’s blog posts on our stop in Kingston on our way to Charleston Lake here. Last year’s posts on Charleston Lake can also be found here and here.


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