The Sun Setting Over Charleston Lake

We went to Charleston Lake Provincial Park for our second annual interior camping trip. Last year we stayed at Buckhorn which was beautiful, but had two campsites on location which reduced the privacy and quiet we could enjoy at times – the two main reasons why interior camping is appealing to us!

This year, we canoed into a different site: Hidden Cove. It is the one interior campsite in Charleston Lake Provincial Park where campers are entirely on their own – no neighbours! It was perfect for us! Hidden Cove is right on the lake, sheltered by rocks and trees, with a path that leads up into the forest and onto a hiking trail.

What struck me most about our camping trip were the sunsets. Every night, from any corner of our campsite, we could enjoy an amazing display of colour over the lake! One night there was even a rainbow (although it didn’t photograph well, thus its absence below). Here are 3 of my favourites sunsets from our trip:

Sunset with silhouetted trees by a lake. The sky is pink and blue with the colours reflected in the calm lake water
Down by the water at Hidden Cove.
Blue and cream clouds over a calm lake. A horizen of land, branches of a tree, and two round rocks are silhouetted against the water.
From the canoe launch and picnic table at Hidden Cove.
Pink, blue and white clouds over Charleston Lake.
View from Hidden Cove campsite.

Charleston Lake interior campsites have an outhouse, a picnic table, fire pit, and two wooden platforms to set up your tent on up off the ground (and do yoga on!), which makes interior camping easy and pleasant. I would be curious to know if readers have stayed at other interior sites with such amenities. I have yet to see this at other parks that offer backcountry camping.


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