A Walk Down Queen St. East

I had a at Wunderland Cafe in the Beach the other day to discuss an opportunity working on video captioning for Inclusive Design Media. I had passed by Wunderland many times last summer when I frequented the Beaches but never went in, put off by the the painted brown wood and wizard-esque facade. However, once inside I found myself in a very cozy cafe with friendly staff and a delightful menu. I ended up splurging on a coffee and a mint-spirulina raw brownie (the owner’s favourite apparently). It was very tasty.

After the meeting, I took the streetcar a couple stops before getting out to check out a strip of Queen St. E. with various home decor and fashion boutiques. Unfortunately, most were closed at the day of my visit, but I had a great time snapping pictures as I walked along the street. Here are some of my shots from that stop:

Street view of old buildings, a wood sign reading Tavern, a string of lights and wires, and a yellow B&B Fish  & chips sign.Street reflected on glass of a window looking into a restaurant. There is a traditional wooden chair with a table set with white napkin, plate, and round stemless glassware by the window. Toys from Asia on shelving and hanging abstract glass decor is seen through the window from the street.


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