Desolation & Colour

Brown brick buidling with a white sign that reads "Ice Cream Factory Outlet" in sans serif bold letters, all caps.

As many urban dwellers, I tend to stick to one part of town. Between Bloorcourt, the Annex, and jaunts down to OCAD, I rarely find myself in other parts of the city these days. However, for the past 7 days I have been house-sitting out by Main Street Station, which is another world compared to the West-end. It is a sprawl of poorly maintained mid-20th century brick buildings, desolate shops which either appear to have no business or some business, obstreperous signage, big box stores on one side of the street, shadowing the independent retailers on the other, and there is a complete lack of cafe or patio culture. It may come with cheaper rent, but I don’t think I could survive here for long. I miss BakerBots and the Commonwhere’s my croissant?!

Street ruit market with a green canopy.Street fruit market with a basket of flowers hanging from a lamp post next to a blue bike. A man in jeans and a red jacket is seen walking away in the distance.


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