In the Nursery

On our way home from lunch at Featherstone Winery on Sunday, Mum and I stopped in on Niagara Nurseries on Highway 8 on the outskirts of St. Catharines.

I have many fond memories from Niagara Nurseries. As a child, I remember going there with my grandfather after saving up a 100 pennies and dimes to buy myself a small gourd for Halloween. However, I was a couple pennies short- but got my gourd anyway. More recently, I find myself purchasing salad greens or ornamental cabbages for the front step at my home in Toronto. I like to support the Alexanders, the family who has owned and operated Niagara Nurseries for three generations. They are wonderful people!

On this trip to NN, I looked at a morning glory to replace the one my landlord ripped up, but decided against it as any flower I plant by the front railings seems to fall to a sad fate. Instead, I wandered the yard and took photos while Mum wandered the rows of plants to pick out trim for her new yoga deck in the backyard.

Rows of green potted plants on wooden slat tables.Old Stokes thernometer by the light blue door of a green house.Farmers basket on a wooden bench by ivy climbing up a lattice


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