Dongguan Temple: Living Quarters

Throughout my travels through China, I found myself mesmerized by the residential doorways I passed. It is partly due to the colourful signs, but it is more than that. Doors separate the private from the public, the seen, the unseen, and one way of life to another. Here are photos I took of the doorways and living quarters of a temple in Dongguan, China.Red door with towels and a gourd hanging outsideArched doorways and red columns in a temple Wood door with towels and a broom hanging outsideYou can read more about my visit to the temple and my trip to China on my travel blog, The Black Beret in China.


One Reply to “Dongguan Temple: Living Quarters”

  1. Hello there, I wonder if you would agree to answering a few questions via email about your impressions of the temples in Dongguan? I am a writer for, a news and events website based in the PRD, and I think some of our readers may be interested to hear what you have to say. Also, if we could include a few of your photos in the post (of course with full credit to you and linkbacks to this blog) that would convey a sense of your journey. You can contact me by email at and I will be happy to send you a few questions for your consideration.


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