The Thaw of Toronto

Toronto hasn’t had a very nice winter as of late. What with an ice storm leaving thousands without power over the holidays, snow storms, flooding, and a provincial skating rink, we were happy to have a weekend of balmy weather (although that also resulted in flooding and will contribute to another skating rink when temperatures drop again this coming week).

Saturday was a rainy, cloudy day with temperatures hovering around 9C. I was grateful of my wellies which allowed me to stroll confidently through the puddles of melting slush and ice. We had planned awhile back to attend the screening of Watermark at the Bell TIFF Lightbox, which was playing as part of Canada’s Top Ten.

We had arrived early at 10:30 to have brunch at the Canteen, but to our surprise – the film was SOLD OUT! Fortunately there were rush tickets, so we went and had breakfast while we waited for the rush line to form. The menu was rather pricey, so I tried to stay within budget with a croissant and ginger lemonade. It was good, but not worth $10 in my opinion – even with the friendly staff and restaurant branding. I was still hungry after, so had to get a slice of carrot ginger bread to eat while waiting in the rush line.

We had fun standing in line chatting, sipping coffee, and munching on snacks. When we finally got in the theatre, there were four sits together which was lucky. The film itself was beautiful, thought provoking, and inspiring. I was a little disappointed with the resolution at times, but the film stuck with me the whole day. All the little streams of water in the ice on the sidewalks of Toronto reminded me of areal views of glaciers and lakes. Once home and going about my chores in the house, I kept thinking about all the water we use and take for granted, even just rinsing out the sink.

After the film, we went to MEC to see if there was anything good left over from the Boxing Day Sales (no) and went to a gallery where we saw some interesting photographic prints from the 1950’s.  We then walked down King Street, turning on Bathurst where saw a church looming out of the mist. We of course got our cameras out.

Steeple and branches of tree against a white sky.  statue of a religious womanSteeple and branch of tree against a white sky.

We continued our walk up Bathurst then down Queen to Ossington. We fancied a pint by then, so stopped in Bellwoods Brewery for a pint and some fries. It was dark when we left, but found a vintage boutique still open. I found a navy beret there for $15 that fit my head well, so after walking around in the store to make sure it was comfortable (I have had horrible luck with replacement berets ever since I lost my vintage Basque beret last year) I bought it.

We decided to take the bus home and parted ways at Ossington Station. I then returned home where I heated up some spiced milk and hunkered down to work on a captioning project. All in all, it was a wonderful day!

Electricity lines across a sky with a horizen of tall buildings


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