Clear Lake

When I was invited up to a cottage this weekend, I dropped all of my weekend plans. Its a rare luxury to be invited up to a cottage! It was located on Clear Lake in Muskoka. Opening the door to the cottage was like stepping back in time and into a family’s history. The cottage had been built in the 1970’s from salvaged items and hadn’t been decorated since – it was a time capsule!

We spent the weekend relaxing, sipping tea, reading, and playing Dominion. Saturday was very chilly, so we got a fire going in the wood stove, and at night had a campfire where we roasted marshmallows while wrapped in woolen blankets.

Sunday was warm and sunny in contrast. I woke up to a placid lake with green waters coloured by the reflection of the trees. It was a beautiful sight to start the day with.  After we made peach pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, I lounged in the sun reading a book on the dock. It was a sublime way to spend a weekend.

I could get used to the cottager’s life…

Pole in the woods with signs reading cottage nameschina tea cup on a dockOld green door


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