Goodbye San Diego!

two pigeons on the railing of a pier

Queen’s Town Public House

Matt did a search on Yelp for the best brunch in the city and the Queen’s Town kept coming up. We had walked by the place many times but never gone in as it looked very chic. However, the matter was settled by the fact they had chicken and waffles – Matt’s latest obsession.

We got in line at 8:50am. I admired people’s Sunday’s best and we listened to the church bells mixed in with the Beatles and Wings music coming out over the patio speakers. It didn’t take long for us to be seated – and we were in for a treat!

The restaurant was a prop artist’s dream – I kept thinking how some of my friends would have a ball decorating a place like this. The outside was all farmhouse themed antiques, the bar had an old boat over it, and the washrooms had coo coo clocks. The most impressive room however was sheep themed – plushy lambs upside down on the ceiling In a perfect meadow theme with sheepskin backed chairs below at each table. It was like something out of the looking glass!

plate of chicken and waffles

It was hard to decide what to have. There were so many interesting brunch options on the menu! I ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes (green tomatoes, feta, frisée, poached egg, and balsamic reduction) with a Vanilla Ginger Cocktail (fresh ginger, vanilla beans, Pol Clement champagne), and Matt ordered the Chicken and Waffles (fried chicken wings, house made waffles, and cinnamon butter) with a Bellini (Pol Clement champagne with fresh strawberries and peaches). All was delicious.

lifeguard truck on the beach

Imperial Beach

We drove over to Coronado, which many people had recommended for the view. Unfortunately it was too cloudy to see much though. We parked at Imperial Beach and walked along the water.

The Tin Fish

The pier at Imperial Beach was lined with fishermen and below were surfers riding the waves. We even saw two cormorants.

At the end of the pier was a take-out joint, called the Tin Fish. We were still full from brunch, but I wanted to try the swordfish stew. We got a small bowl for $3.95 which was overflowing with veggies and white chunks of swordfish in a thick tomato broth with Italian spices. Neither of us had never had swordfish before. It had a nice flakey texture, but lacked flavour. It was like firm tofu or tender chicken!  

yellow cliffs in the sun 

Black’s Beach

Once back in the car, we drove to Black’s Beach in Torrey’s Hill Natural Park. The trail down to the cliff was rather treacherous, but I made it in one piece (with Matt merrily skipping along). The drop was 300 feet!

The beach was a mix of charcoal grey, plum purple, and burnt orange sand. It was below a powered parachuting school, which meant lots of colourful sights to watch in the air.

Matt went for a swim and I soon followed suit. Generally I’m not a water person, but the waves were so much fun! I had a grand time running into the water and jumping up with the waves. It wasn’t until the sun started to go down that I came back in.

 a couple hugging on a cliff iverlooking the water 

Sunset Cliffs

The last thing on our to do list before heading to the airport was to see the sunset at Sunset Cliffs. Unfortunately the sky had gotten cloudy by then, so we didn’t get to see the sun set over the ocean. It was still beautiful. The cliffs were like the setting of a children’s novel, perfect for smugglers and pirates!

We sat on a bench and made ourselves some tomato and pesto sandwiches with the last of our groceries. It was a lovely end to our trip.

San Diego Airport

We dropped the car off at Hertz in a matter of minutes and hopped on the shuttle to Terminal 2. Matt had already checked us into our flights on his phone, so all we had to do was get in line for security.

Getting through security was a breeze. It didn’t take long at all. Once we found our gate, Matt went on a search for Duty Free while I stayed with the bags and uploaded photos to Instagram. Sadly, Duty Free had closed at 8:30pm, so we were out of luck on that front.

Now onto the plane home!

photo of sand and stones on a beach


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