Saturday in San Diego

We woke up at 5:00 for no reason and stayed up for awhile, resulting in us missing breakfast at the hotel. However, we got a good parking spot at 5am now that all the party-goers had gone home. So, Matt got out his phone to check Yelp for recommendations.

 cacti against the wall of a building 

Tazza d’oro

We went to Tazza d’oro for breakfast which was the cheapest place to get eggs locally on Yelp. However, once we got there, we found out they hadn’t updated their website in 5 years and prices had doubled. The staff were accommodating and charged us the old rate for a bagel with egg and cheese. They had kambucha on tap, so for kicks, I ordered some to go with my bagel.

There was a child quartet playing outside the restaurant, dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing. It was fun listening to classical music as we munched on jalapeño bagels and sipped kambucha.

Saturday Farmers Market in Little Italy

There was a farmers market practically outside our hotel door at Cedar Street in Little Italy. It went on for blocks and blocks and was crowded with people.

Mikolich Family Honey

We went on a mission to find tiny jars of honey to take home on the plane, setting on a four pack of Californian raw honey from the Mikolich Family for $10: avocado, orange blossom, alfalfa, and sage buckwheat. There were also vendors selling little jars of jam and salt, but I was won over by the little bears.

There were samples everywhere – ice cream, cheese, mouse, everything! You could buy green smoothies by the gallon for $32, quaint bouquets of lavender, eat Korean or Mexican, buy fancy dog biscuits or catnip – it was a gourmet’s haven! There were musicians on every corner, people holding tiny dogs, bouquets of flowers, and wicker baskets of veggies.

 Photo of a sea urchin on a plate 

Papa’s Fresh Fish Company

The most exciting thing we saw at the market were live sea urchins. They were being served cracked open in their spiky shells. We got one to share. It was like salty custard and made for a great vacation photo op!


After our sea urchin, we decided to go for ice cream. We ended up at Pappalecco for gelato, a cafe in Little Italy. It had a long lineup and I chose pear and pistachio. Unfortunately the gelato wasn’t very flavourful, but it was fun to sit in the sun eating our gelato with tiny spoons.

Village Hat Shop

For my birthday, Matt had offered to buy me a new black beret, as I had lost my signature black beret on a dark bike ride home one night. We had gone to every shop in Toronto, and now he had set aside two French made berets at the Village Hat Shop in San Diego.

The Hat Shop was a warehouse with a slightly dusty feel to it. I spent some time in front of the mirror with a 57 basque beret, but it didn’t feel quite right. I decided my existing navy hat was sufficient.

 photo of a telephone pole and cacti 


We walked back along India Ave., checking out the happy hour specials along the way and popping into boutiques to browse along the way. We found a good spot to watch the planes coming in and out of San Diego airport and I took lots of pictures of cacti.

Back at the hotel, we put on CBC radio to catch the blues show and sang along to the music while drinking beer and photo editing. We did a load of laundry at the laundromat too!

 old ship against the sunset 

San Diego Port

We walked down to the port to watch the sunset over the ocean. There was a maritime museum with all sorts of ships docked: tall ships, submarines, a steam boat. I had fun taking pictures – made me think of family back home.

Matt and I had dinner at a pizzeria where you could get two slices of pizza and a pint of beer for $10. We sat on the street and watched people go by in Little Italy, talking about the past and future. This was continued this back at the hotel too. We drank some beers on the patio, listening to the crickets and admiring the palm trees. It was a peaceful way to spend our last night in San Diego!


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