Easter Sunday in NYC

Photo of boarded up doors and windows on Astoria Blvd.

To start off the day, Matt put on CBC Choral Concert and I wore paper bunny ears as we ate SOMA bunny shaped chocolate with our morning coffee. Our host had bought more coffee to share and Matt made a full Bodum worth to catapult us into our second day in NYC.

We walked over to Astoria Provisions to get bagels to go. Matt remarked how the neighbourhood reminded him of Queen/Sherbourne in Toronto except with very expensive, clean cars everywhere.

Bagels were taking awhile, so we cancelled our order and I got a yellow muffin to go. I think it was cornbread. It was slightly sweet and crumbly, sticking to the paper wrapper.

Crowd of people in funny hats and bunny ears outside a church

Easter Bonnet Parade

We took the subway to St. Patrick’s Cathedral where crowd of people in Easter themed headgear mulling around. There were people in flashing bunny ears, wearing homemade creations of bunnies and straw, and haute couture toppers! It was a photographers dream!

Photo of a carousel horse behind a pot of pansies

Bryant Park

We walked to Bryant Square where my friend Rob told me there was a beautiful carousel. Matt stationed himself at a table while I galavanted around taking picture with my iPhone.

Bryant Park transported me to Europe. There were Parisian themed bakeries in little wood huts, bistro style seating, an old fashioned carousel playing Edith Piaf, and the scent of flowers in the air from all the pots of daffodils, hiancyths, and violets everywhere. It was heaven!

Unfortunately, the New York Public Library was closed for Easter Sunday so I couldn’t go in there. I had a lovely time going around the park, stopping to take pictures of the many delights in the square. It’s my favourite part of New York so far!

Street food vendors selling Thai and Mexican food

Empire State Building

We walked to the Empire State Building but it was $37 to go up, so we just looked at the unimpressive lobby before making our way towards Battery Park.

I was starting to feel a little faint when we serendipitously stumbled upon a street fair. Matt had a pretzel and hotdog from a street vendor earlier, but I hadn’t eaten everything all day but a muffin! Matt spotted tamales with black bean rice at a Mexican food vendor at the street fair. I’d never had tamales before – they looked interesting!

We sat on the curb as I devoured the meal, feeling blissfully happy. The tamales were delicious! Potato-like corn husks stuffed with spicy chicken – just what I needed!

Potted flowers at Bryant Park

Evolution Store

Fortified, we made our way to the Evolution Nature Store – Matt’s favourite store in NYC! When I asked him how to describe the store, he just said “Magical” with a gleam in his eye. It’s full of fossils, rocks, and other sciencey things. He got a second trilobite for our ‘science shelf’ at home, with a $1 dinosaur bone. He was like a kid in a candy store!

Glasses of water on a table as a person types on a charging phone

The Half Pint

I really needed to sit down – my feet were killing from all the walking and my ankles felt like they would snap! I spotted a sign that said “pint” near the university. We walked towards the Half Pint and settled in by the window. The waitress brought over a portable charger for us to charge our phones – I’d never seen that before!

Matt got a chocolate milk beer stout from SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria and I got a strawberry blonde beer from Spotzel Shiner in Texas! Matt hummed along to Ray Charles which was playing on the speakers as I took photos of the flowers on the table.

Much to our amusement, the bar had unlimited mimosas for $19 for 90 minutes. Tempting… but we just a got another pint while I bopped around to the music in my chair. I tried the Blue Liner Toasted Lager this time while Matt got a BrewDog Hazy Jane IPA. Matt’s earlier pick was our favourite – the texture was just like chocolate milk!

Green hedge outside a church building

Washington Park

We walked through Washington Park. It was a crowded with people! There was a grand piano under the arch, a three piece jazz band playing by the bushes, and someone felling felted pigeons. Around the park were classic old brick town houses with white columns and stone lions.

Water with the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty on the horizon

Battery Park

We took the subway down to Battery Park where we could see the Liberty Statue from afar. Then we wandered down to the Titanic Memorial and across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn bridge suspensions and American flag

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge was my kind of hell. The pedestrian walkway was bordered on either side by a highway of cars that zoomed by. Beyond that was the water, far below us. The bridge was stuffed full of tourists with disgruntled cyclists ringing their bells trying to get through the endless crowds.

In my exhaustion, my mind went to the possible options of death: by car, drowning, trampling… or an angry cyclist blowing us all up! (Okay, not the latter) I put one foot in front of the other and kept reminding myself it would soon all be over – and that Matt said there was pizza at the end of this!

Toy cars on the ironwork of Brooklyn Bridge

Dinner in Brooklyn

At the bottom of the bridge was Juliana’s Pizza. We had planned to go to go there for dinner but there was a line up around the block! We tried the various other options beneath the bridge, but they were either closed, didn’t have pizza, or had a long wait for a table.

Yelp was not very helpful. It was suggesting middle eastern restaurants and places we’d passed the menus of that did not have pizzas! Tired and hungry, we eventually made our way up Henry Street which was lined with restaurants on one side. We went into the first place that had pizza: Bevacco.

New York skyline at sunset with the underside of the Brooklyn bridge silhouetted against the sky


The service at Bevacco left much to be desired, but it was beautifully decorated. It was like a French bistro straight out of 1900’s Paris! We ordered the spinach and ricotta pizza with a side of grilled sourdough with brûléed Parmesan.

After dinner I ordered the Amaro Tasting flight. I’ve been quite enjoying Amaro Nonino at home since having it at Terroni’s for Matt’s birthday. This flight included three amaros liqueurs: Amaro Meleti, Fernet Branco, and Amaro Averna. The latter was mine and Matt’s favourite. The Branco was hard to get through (cough syrup?) and the Meleti was extremely floral – I couldn’t decided if I liked it or not.

We got lost again on the subway ride home , but eventually found our way home. Now we sit in bed listening to minimalist classical music, relaxing after a long day. We did over 20km today – two days in a row! Now, sleep.

Photo of a street vendor selling costume bunny ears


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  1. I’m sensing the smells, colours and sounds with you. Hurray for wonderful Bryant Park and that library is Stupendous. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. XO

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