Last Day in New York

Yellow forsythia covered in snow outside a brick building
Forsythia covered in snow in Astoria, NYC.

We didn’t sleep well our last night in New York, and awoke groggy on a day that matched our mood: grey, rainy, and cold. Matt put me in charge of day planning, so I began researching cafes and indoor gardens. I wanted to find something low key to do on our last day in New York!

We settled on the Natural History Museum. It was indoors, pay-what-you-can, had a planetarium for Matt, a butterfly garden for me, and was next to the Central Park Conservatory Gardens. Also, it came highly recommended to me by my friend Caitlin.

Photo of a crystal glass of orange juice
Glass of orange juice at Astoria Provisions

I voted we go to Astoria Provisions for our last breakfast in New York. I had thoroughly enjoyed our first breakfast there – it was a wonderful little place. So, once we’d showered, packed our bags, and tidied our AirBnB room, we trudged our into the rain.

I ordered an egg benny on a biscuit with ham and hash brown potatoes. It was very good! Matt had scrambled eggs with rye bread and salmon. We both had two cups of coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. We both felt better after a good meal.

Photo of a circle cut into concrete in the wall dividing the subway tracks. Behind it, a person is seen stepping off the stairs.
Track level in the subway in Astoria, NYC

Museum Way

When we exited the subway, we were greeted by a bustling crowd of children and wet umbrellas. There was a lineup all the way down the street to get into the museum! Apparently everyone else in NY had the same idea.We reviewed our alternative options. The Guggenheim was across the park and would involved more walking through the rain with our baggage. The Museum of Sex was back the way we’d come and the film museum was a distance away. We poked our nose into the New York Society Museum, but didn’t fancy paying $21 USD for an exhibit of the Vietnam War.

Matt proposed we go for a drink. I did a Google and saw a pub with an intriguing name: the Dead Poet Pub. So we steered our dripping directions in that direction.

Photo of the Dead Poet menu by a cap and a pint
Matt reviewing his options at the Dead Poet

Dead Poet Pub

The Dead Poet Pub was long and thin. Everything on the wall and the staff’s t-shirts were printed backward so you could read them in the mirror behind the bar. The menus were bound between the covers of vintage poetry books.Our waitress was from Kentucky. She was very friendly, attentive, yet non-intrusive – just how we like it! There was free popcorn too, which I happily munched away on while I nursed a $4 local lager. Matt tried a couple different local beers as we watched the world outside the window, rain drops dripping down the glass. Little dogs in coats bopped on by, tails high despite the gloom, happy to be out on an afternoon walk.

Photo of blue clouds at sunset
View from the plane window on our way home

Journey Home to Toronto

We took public transit to the airport. Matt and I held hands on the platform, waiting for our subway homebound as I sung a little ditty titled “Matt and Nell lost in New York”. (Fortunately we didn’t get too lost on our way of the city this time around)

LGA Airport

LGA Airport was spread out and a bit confusing. They definitely needed a better way finding system put in place here! Once we finally found the West Jet counter, we were greeted by the friendliest airport clerk I have ever encountered! Apparently she had a colleague they called Nell as her French name was apparently unpronounceable! Apparently the scanners at this airport don’t do well with mobile tickets like we had, so she printed us two paper tickets and checked our bags. We then bumbled our way into the security line. It was long but moved at a comfortable pace.


There was no airport lounge for West Jet cardholders, so we scoped out our food options. We ended up at Crust where I got a fruit smoothie and avocado toast for $5.80 a piece. Each table had iPads you’d order from, payment station, and charging stations. I felt like I was in a casino!

When our food came, we were given a metal fork and a plastic knife to eat with. Ridiculous how we must be forced to eat with plastic utensils at airports and take off our shoes to go through customs because of one or two people… but America won’t do anything about gun control. Meanwhile, there’s another shooting flashing across the television screens as I feebly cut my toast with a flimsy knife. I can’t comprehend…

Flight Home

The plane departed half a hour late. I wrote a postcard, began reading a novel, and Matt got a fair way into a movie by the time we started moving on the runway. To my surprise, the runway was built on water – it was like a series of bridges and piers! I’d never seen that before!I was having trouble engaging with the novel I’d brought to read, Essex Serpent. Fortunately the flight was short! We got through customs in record time, picked up our bags, and made our way to the UP Express towards home.

Now I lay, tucked into bed with my puffy duvet. The traffic below our window can be heard splashing by in the puddles caused by the spring rain, mixed with the gurgle of the humidifier at my bedside, and CBC Radio 2 playing in the kitchen. It feels good to be home.

Parked cars between tall buildings in downtown New York
View from High Line Park in NYC

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