Beautiful Skies

A patch of sun during an afternoon's walk with dramatically changeable weather.

I made up for my lack of social life this week. I got out from behind the computer monitor and went on a class trip to O. Noir on Tuesday. It’s a restaurant where the dining area is in complete darkness and the serving staff are blind. We thought it would be the perfect class social event as it would give us an idea of what it would be to be blind!

We ordered our meals in the lit lobby (I ordered the ‘surprise’) before being let into a pitch dark room and sat down at a table together. We couldn’t see a thing! It was most interesting. I had a salad followed by a soft red meat with potatoes and green beans. It was an interesting experience, although one I wouldn’t rush to repeat as the service was most unfriendly.

My cousin Kate and her husband Duane were in Toronto on Thursday. I met them for a drink on a patio near their hotel on Queens Quay.  It was nice to see them and we shared funny stories. After a pint, I met up with Daddy and Judy who took me out for fish and chips. After telling them all about school, we went out for ice cream at Ed’s Real Scoop where I had a delicious cone of honey ginger ice cream!

On Friday we had an end-of-course party at OCADU. There was wine and a variety of lasagna served. I was a little shy and shocked that class was actually over, but eventually I warmed up to conversation.  It was a pleasant evening.

When I got home, Kai was playing music and drinking champagne. We ended up going through his whole music collection and I transferred a couple CDs of his onto my computer. We had a fun farewell evening together!

The following morning Daddy came to pick me up and we drove to the Toronto Island with Judy for a picnic. Judy had packed the most amazing spread. There were black olives, stuffed green olives, goat camembert cheese, ripened cheese, brie, dill havarti, 3 kinds of Ace bread, spinach puff pastries, cherries, strawberries, melon, and so much more! It was enough food to feed an army!

We spread a blanket out under a big old tree by the beach. It was so nice to stretch out on the grass. We munched happily away, enjoying watching the dogs go by. It was most pleasant!

Dad and I drove home to Niagara that evening. The following afternoon Mum and I went for a nature walk in a revitalized quarry. There was a storm on the horizon which made it most exciting. A high wind tossed the high grasses around as dark clouds collected in the blue sky. It was most dramatic.

We sat in the back porch for dinner that evening, listening to the rain pound down and thunder grumble in the distance. The washing on the line enjoyed an extra rinse and the garden gleamed green. It was a beautiful end to the week.