Downtown with a Camera

I strolled down from Queen/Jarvis to Wellington/Bay between meetings the other day. I happened to have my camera with me as I had been doing some documentation for work, and took the opportunity to take some photos. It was a beautiful sunny day and I found myself stopping constantly to take photos of things along the way (much to the pedestrian’s annoyance I’m sure). Its funny how a camera at hand can change one’s entire view of the world – alters the whole mindset!

White cloud coming out of a building under construction below skyscrapersChalk sign with menu items crossed out. The receiver of a payphone dangles next to it.Pay phone with the reciever dangling, broken.See more pictures on my Flickr account here.


Construction Zone

There are always condos going up in the city. This one happens to be going up right by my school, which can make lectures quite interesting (oh the drilling!). Today, I took some pictures while on my way to the subway after a research meeting:

Viewed through a peak hole is the walkway and structure of a condo development. Street lights in distance. Wire fence in front of a construction siteSkeleton of a condo being built, as seen through a peek hole.

Storm Clouds Over Kingston

We stopped in Kingston like we often do during camping trips or on our travels between Montreal and Niagara. This time however, while Mum caught up with her friends, I went for a very long walk. The light was beautiful at that time of day with storm clouds adding drama to the skyline. I wanted to take pictures of everything!

Boats in the setting sunGrass blowing in the breeze along the water in KingstonWater fowl in a line in shallow water beneath cloudy skies

I made my way along the water’s edge and soon found myself in the downtown core of Kingston. I decided to go in search of local brew. So, I went to three bars asking for a local beer on tap, and all three sent me in direction of the Kingston Brewery. I got a bit lost, but eventually found it had had a splendid time sitting at the bar chatting with the staff. I sampled three beers:┬áDunkelnacht, Framboise Royale and one other I can’t recall the name of offhand. They were all excellent. I had a wonderful time and will make a point to return next time I’m in town.

Silhouette of houses and phone lines against the sky at sunset