Chocolate Fish

I  thought it was cute, so took a picture of it with my iPhone.
I thought it was cute, so took a picture of it with my iPhone.

I’ve had a pleasant last couple of days. I went to the Jean-Talon Market yesterday morning before work. I wandered around the vegetable sellers and bought a quart of pears and got a sandwich for lunch. I soon found myself in a patisserie, where they had the most beautiful Easter chocolates. There were bunnies in all sizes, fancy eggs, carrots, speckled hens, and even fish shaped chocolate!

Last night I met up with Nicole after work at Benelux for 2 for 1 beer night. We hadn’t gotten together since my birthday, which was a very long time for us to go without seeing each other. She gave me a belated birthday gift and I gave her the Easter card that I’d made her. Nicole gave me a sparkly necklace, and a purple shirt. She said the shirt was to add some colour to my wardrobe- lol.

We updated each other on our lives while each sipping a pint of beer and sharing a European-style hot dog with sauerkraut and salty potato chips. There was a group of vocal-studies students from McGill University at the table next to us, who were singing choir-versions of pop songs during our visit. They were very good and kept Nicole us very amused. They sang every note perfectly- including the instruments!

I slept in today and when I arrived at work was threatened once again with job-loss. This time it was the group as a whole as our sales had been very low. The threats didn’t have any positive effects though, as only one person made a sale the entire day although we were all trying our hardest to!

I am currently sitting at my computer sipping a cup of herbal tea and listing to Celtic harp music. There was a harp-player busking in the Place-des-Arts metro station on my way home from work. It was such a pleasure to hear! I gave him a loonie and now have my own harp music playing from my computer at home.